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As I mentioned recently, I’m changing my blogging platform. Originally I had been shying away from WordPress because neither of my two “IT advisers” recommended it, but after doing my own research, it seems that the switch from MT to WP will be the easiest, and especially since the release of WordPress 1.5, it’s a very solid PHP-based blogging platform. Plus my two advisers kinda changed their views and they’re not so against it.


What you’ll never see on this

Of Note

I have enjoyed these recent(ish) entries:

  • Tom Vamvanij writes about the term 老外, driving home the point that it does not connote respect. Very interesting discussion ensues. I agree it’s inherently neutral. People that don’t like the term should leave China, because it’s not going away. Don’t miss Todd‘s great comments. He says what I would, but better.

  • Speaking of leaving China… Mr. Morris (previously of Brainysmurf.org) says that he’s leaving China for Vietnam, and he

Pinyin Quicktag

I recently stumbled upon a Movable Type hack which creates WordPress-style “quicktags” in the MT blog edit screen. The hack can be modded as well, so I added a pinyin button to automatically wrap selected text with the appropriate span tag and all the necessary attributes (see my entry on Pinyin Tooltips). Then I added some extra CSS to make it look better (and act more like a button).…

Suspicious Skype Issues

For about half a year now, I’ve been using software called Skype to communicate by voice with friends back home. In the past month or two I’ve even gotten my family into it, and we’ve enjoyed an excellent connection (at least as good as long distance phone calls) many times. The really great part, of course, is that it’s completely free. The network connection uses similar technology to Kazaa, the popular file-sharing (P2P) software.

Jump back to several …

No More Chinese MP3s!

A while back I made a webpage dedicated to the Chinese song “The Moon Represents My Heart.” I also put online ten different renditions of this song in MP3 format. I thought it was pretty cool to be able to compare them. Aware that the Chinese words on the page would soon have Baidu’s searchbot on my case, I did my best to keep it off my site with my robots.txt file. Looks like that was completely futile.…


Yay! Now there’s a Sinosplice page just for feeds! This serves two purposes:

  1. You can check for new updates to any of the (semi-)frequently updated sections of this site in one place.

  2. You can see all the Sinosplice feeds (RSS/Atom) you can subscribe to in one place.

I expect that this page may become more important in the future, if I’m able to do some of the other things I want to do….

Thanks to Roddy for hooking me …


I just took some suggestions from a post on Scribbling.net to “help the Googlebot understand my website.” That’s why the title of each blog entry is now linked to, rather than having the “Link” link at the end of each entry.

Why? Well, Google associates the text you use to link to entries with the content of the links’ destinations. For example, if everyone with a website linked the word crap to microsoft.com, microsoft.com would become the number one search …

Building Blocks

I honestly believe that Shanghai is the Chinese government’s testing grounds for internet filtering/blocking. The speed of the internet overall, as well as the number of sites blocked ranges so widely and changes so frequently that I’m not sure what other explanation there is. For the past few days, here in Shanghai a significantly higher number of sites were blocked than usual. Not my site, or del.icio.us, or Metafilter, but about half of the links I clicked on …

Technical Difficulties

My computer won’t boot up except in safe mode. Apparently it has something to do with “Secondary IDE channel no 80 conductor cable installed.” Anyway, I’m working on it, but in the meantime, no new posts.

UPDATE: I bought a new power source and new IDE cables and installed them. No change (but I’m not sorry I did it… those upgrades were due). Then I got to work on Brad’s suggestion. I decided to do it by disconnecting and reconnecting

Shanghai Maps

Shanghai is big and its streets are confusing, so finding an exact location can be quite an ordeal. I recently found a great new resource to help deal with that problem.

You may know of Wang Jianshuo’s online Shanghai map. I have found it quite useful in the past. Its special feature is the ability to mark any location on the map, which creates a unique URL you can send to someone so they can view the exact location. …

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