I’m down to my last week of teaching kids, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on. As a result, my entries have been a little sparse lately. There’s still plenty left in me to write about, but it’ll have to wait a little longer. A possible upcoming visit to Taiwan could be very interesting.

Besides finishing up classes, I’ve also got to do a bunch of paperwork to stay legal. My previous visa and work permit will expire with my contract, so I’ve got to renew all that. Last week the HR boss lady gave me an envelope with some documents and the following instructions:

John, The address to process your work permit: South Zhongshan Rd. #865 1F Take the following documents with you:
  1. Work Permit Extension Application
  2. A copy of the company’s business license
  3. A copy of your new contract
  4. Your current work permit
  5. Your passport and a photocopy (including the current visa page)
  6. Your residence permit and a photocopy

The work permit renewal takes 5 days, and then I have to take the new work permit along with a bunch of documents (mostly the same ones) to a different office to get my visa renewed.

Ugh. Boring, yes, I know. Such is bureaucracy.

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