1. Shen Fu Shan Guan Yun Ge Says: November 25, 2005 at 12:17 pm

    Dear All,

    I have visited PUTUO SHAN on 14 Nov – 15 Nov 2005 by visiting a few temples in PUTUO SHAN which I found one of the temple attracted my attention namely ‘BU KEN QUI GUAN YIN YUAN’. Although this temple is neither famous nor biggest temple in PUTUO SHAN but it has an interesting story and the nicest scenery among all the GUAN YIN temples in PUTUO SHAN.

    The set up of this temple was due to there was a monk namely HUI E from Japan who would like to invite GUAN YIN back to Japan for prayer. However, whenever they wanted to cross the ocean where the waves would block them from leaving PUTUO SHAN. They were stuck in the ocean for few days. Thus, Monk HUI E asked GUAN YIN to stop the waves if SHE is not willing to follow him to Japan. After a while, the waves had stopped.

    Monk HUI E quickly sent GUAN YIN back to shore and one of the fishermen with surname of CHANG was willing to donate his house for GUAN YIN. Later, this place been named by ‘BU KEN QU KUAN YIN YUAN’ and the relation between GUAN YIN and PUTUO SHAN started from this place.

    I like this place very much because of the statue of GUAN YIN had given me an impression that SHE IS THE KINDNESS GOD who smiles at me and would forgive all the mistakes that I had made all this while. I cried in front of her about half an hour without reason but purely because of her KINDNESS.

    Furthermore, this temple is facing the ocean namely “LIAN HUA YANG” where Monk HUI E cannot cross over the ocean when he would like to invite GUAN YIN to Japan.

    The scenery and story of this place is attracting me very much. I’m planning to visit this place once a year.

    Mei Lien

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