New China Blog List

China Blog List

New CBL logo

It’s something I’ve been meaning to implement for many months, and now it’s finally almost complete. The problem was obvious: as the number of China blogs increased dramatically over the past year, the China Blog List was getting way too long, and there was no order to it other than a loose geographical grouping. My solution: make the list sortable by several fields. I tried to accomplish that on my own with my extremely limited programming skills, but failed. One of the new teachers here, also named John, was willing to do the PHP coding for me, though, so it’s finally done! I didn’t even have to pay him, but I will say that there was an exchange of delicious cheese flown in from Paris.

The new list has a slightly different look, a new URL (, and a new logo. Anyone who has studied Chinese characters for any length of time should recognize the special arrangement of the “CBL” for “China Blog List” that I came up with. Furthermore, the list is sortable by Name and by Location. Double clicking the filter reverses direction of the listing. It can also be filtered by region. John did an awesome job.

It’s actually still undergoing some fine-tuning. The Chatboard has been removed because it was making the page load really slowly. Instead, there will be a form to submit new blogs. Adding new blogs has been greatly simplified for me, so the new ones will be added much more quickly from now on.

Anyway, the new China Blog List is online. The old one will stay up a little while longer, as the new one is still being worked on, but soon the new one will be complete and the old URL will simply redirect to the new version. The old list will no longer be updated. There are already new additions and corrections on the new list. Happy surfing.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I agree, but it is good way for chinese people to expresse themeselve.

  2. Hi John, I’m currently at number 3 on the hottest blogs category. Just out of curiosity, what determines the ranking – is it number of visits, number of comments, number of posts per week?

  3. Hi…

    It’s determined by number of clickthroughs on the whole site.

  4. Hi John,

    You mean the number of people that click from your site to mine?

  5. Woaizhongguo,

    The number of people that click on your blog on

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