Making Out in Chinese

Making Out in Chinese

by Ray Daniels (Yenbooks, 1993)

Review by: John Pasden

This book is part of a popular series which is designed to help the reader meet members of the opposite sex in foreign countries. It’s designed for people who are not seriously studying the language.

That said, it does have some useful vocab and phrases in it, but I can’t stand reading it. Why? Because there are no Chinese characters in the whole book, and the romanization method used is not even pinyin, it’s some “easier” method that the author devised.

You might be able to get this book in some cities in China, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but the most casual learner.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. For what it’s worth, the revised edition has both pinyin and 汉字, but the author retains his own crappy romanization. I bought it on a lark, and was looking for something more akin to street language, like ChinesePod’s WOS. It has very little.

  2. Hrmm thanks for the heads up.. I was looking for some lighter reading, as I am still very much a beginner, in my local language bookshop last week and saw this book. I will definitely give it a miss now. I did buy a decent quality book for beginners called “Easy Peasy Chinese” but as yet I haven’t had a good read of it. It has a great pronunciation guide, which I have already found useful. It covers a broad range of topics without going into a massive amount of detail..

    Anyway.. thanks for the info John..

  3. Actually I think this book is pretty effective for what it is. Its a light way to learn, has a lot of phrases, not just for picking up girls. And the authors romanization is actually pretty good for pronouncing words without knowing how to technically read pinyin, because a noob can’t just read pinyin… it’s not meant to just be read with English pronunciation. This book solves that issue for noobs. Its worth it.

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