Asia Weblog Awards

What could be geekier than blogging? Blogging about blogging, perhaps. (Yes, I’m guilty.) But if you want to get even geekier? Starting an award system for blogs, with votes and promotion, and all that stuff. OK, it’s geeky but it’s kinda nice. And Phil put a fair amount of work into it, so let’s give it some attention.

I speak, of course, of the Asia Weblog Awards over at You can nominate blogs and vote for blogs, and all that good stuff. It’s a pretty slick system that Phil put together. I think I’m in the running, as are a few others in the Sinosplice Network.

Anyway, give it a look.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Cheers mate. Appreciated.

  2. hi
    i am selina from zhejiang university of technology.To some extent,i am one of your schoolmate.My foreign teacher told me this website.Do you know Lennet,my faveriate teacher.It is amazing that there are so mamy information from which i can learn a lot not only american culture but also chinese. i think you hane done a good in learning chinese.believe or not ,you can use some idimatic chinese that we even cant. i really appriciate you .

    it is my first time to log your website.i think i will come here more often if i have time


    good luck

    by the way ,i dont know what is URL mean ,so i didnt fillthat blank . Is that OK?

  3. Thought I’d let you know that the Asia Weblog Awards 2004 has been launched at (or for easy reference!).

    Kinds regards,
    Giles Dawe

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