Amusing Chinese Products #1

Here are some funny but real products I have found (and subsequently purchased) in the PRC. Click on the image for a fuller image, sometimes including additional angles.

1. Dr. Bang Liquid Soap

Click for expanded image

He’s Dr. Bang. That says it all, and leads us to…

2. “Sailor” Condoms

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Look at how thrilled this guy is. “I’m gonna get laid!” He’s beaming. Some sailor.

3. The Douche Water Cup

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I think this cup is for drinking water. Maybe.

4. “Crazy Toilet” Candy

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This is a candy plunger which you use to dip into the syrup in the toilet bowl. Make sure to look at the instructions on the back in the full image.

5. Chinese Duracell Batteries rip off Energizer

Click for the Hong Kong Duracell Site

Anyone who’s been in China long has probably seen this pathetic Energizer bunny ripoff. He’s plastered all over Hangzhou. Click on the pic for the Hong Kong site, which is just chock full of the little pink bastard.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. By the way, after seeing the “douche” cup in the store, I went home and looked up the word in a dictionary. Apparently, douche is just French for shower. [insert disgusting French joke here]

  2. Yep, and has “bad” on the cup too which, if German, means bath…

    Love the toilet lollies!

  3. “Did you at least use a condom, Austin?”
    “No, baby. Only sailors use condoms.”
    “Not any more, Austin. It’s the 90’s.”
    “Well, they should. Those filthy buggers. they go from port to port.”

    /nothing else to add

  4. The words on the cup are all Dutch. All of them.Which is interesting..why dutch?

  5. ha and the dutch words i can make out translate to shower, water, foam – or scum, depending on context. really makes you want to drink more… beer

  6. Da Xiangchang Says: January 26, 2004 at 4:57 am

    Highly, highly amusing. I remember seeing a lot of cheesy products in China, though I don’t think anything beat the toilet candy. I remember the condoms at the Shanghai sex shop that had the American hairstylist Paul Mitchell on the boxes, and there were the “Pearl Island” socks which showed Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale from the movie Pearl Harbor. And the KFC commercials were always hilarious, though the most unintentionally funny TV commercial has to be the one advertising some sort of milk drink. I forgot the name of the product, but the commercial always ended with a pretty Chinese woman with a line of the white liquid running out of the edge of her mouth which she tongued off as she smiled into the camera. It cracked me up everytime I saw it, and I always wondered what percentage of the Chinese viewers were thinking what I was thinking!

  7. hey John, is that you on the condom box? I heard you were doing some modeling. Maybe it’s your nemesis Da Shan…all you blondies look alike after a while…

  8. If John was the model on the condom box, he’d be “Trojan Man” for the Trojan Brand (“America’s #1 Trusted Brand”) and second, John would be more ecstatic and show more enthusiasm. I can almost hear you from across the Pacific, John: “I’m gonna get laid!”

  9. Ummm, these comments have taken a strange turn…

    How ’bout that “Crazy Toilet” candy! It’s CrAzY!!

  10. . . . and I just recommended this site for the daughter of my unemployment counselor. Oh well, I’m accustomed to being out of work by now.

  11. Zeep!

  12. Is Dr. Bang quality soap? Can it be used for facial and body acne?

    Mr. Zit

  13. yes Dr. Bang is a good quality soap. ive been using the antibacterial liquid soap for 2 yrs and find it better than most american brands. i came here through searching for their website, but cannot find any.

  14. Gymnosopher Says: September 2, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    The Duracell bunny came before the Energizer bunny by over 15 years – though Americans won’t see it as they failed to renew it as their trademark in the US and Energizer stole it O_O

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