Gui Lian

We say, “make a face.” The Chinese say, “make a ¹íÁ³.” Gui lian is kinda hard to translate literally because ¹í can mean “ghost” or “demon” or a bunch of other things. Á³ means “face.” In this case there’s no trouble understanding, though. Below are some of my students’ gui lian. (click on the image for a gallery of cute kids)


There, now some people might momentarily stop nagging for more pictures (you know who you are). I made the “Chinese Kindergarteners” photo album with the very cool Simple Viewer. It uses Flash.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. hah~~ cute kids!
    They are mixture of angle and evil~~ Still remember last summer while working in a kids’ language school~~ Their special fond of playing the game (i pretend to be sick, and they feed me medicine as mothers) sometimes made me want to bang on the wall.
    However, mostly they’re super cute.
    Does any of them have camerashy?

    Ohh simple viewer looks awesome!
    But mosttime I am too lazy to put my pics in another volumn, I just set them in the entry, along with the words. Well, I am typical of lazy…

  2. hmm~ i changed my mind~~ i’ll downpoad the simple viewer. But it takes a while to understand the English.

  3. Ghostface, Pretty Toney.

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