A Few Photos

The day I took the photos for my Solar Visor entry I also took some other pictures. I’ll share a few of them here.


It’s a popular custom in China for people to take a nap after lunch. I really don’t understand how the laborers can sleep in such searing heat, but they do it all the time. (Although not always so cuddly-like.)

You know that dinner you had last night…?

What, did you think everything was prepared in a nice big clean kitchen somewhere?

Bus Advertising

Some ads are definitely less annoying than others.

I’m leaving on another business trip today. This time it’s Hubei province, to the cities of Shiyan (Ê®Ñß) and Xiangfan (Ïå·®). I’ll be gone for about a week. (And I’m still looking for someone to do my awesome job with me!)

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more China photos, I recommend you check out Patrick’s blog. (Scroll down and keep scrolling; there are some great pictures in there.) Wayne in Taiwan is getting all fancy-pantsy with his new camera too.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Da Xiangchang Says: August 15, 2004 at 1:20 am

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, who is this woman in the third ad?!! Is she famous?! A Chinese pop star or a pee-on model? Very, VERY nice!

  2. Part of me is really tempted to take you up on that offer. If it had been this time last year, definitely.

  3. For picture one:
    They are “laborers”, not air-conditioned office workers. That makes things greatly different. After working hours and hours in the heating sun, tiredness is more untolerable than the heat.

  4. xiao long Says: August 16, 2004 at 8:46 pm

    If I could find some way to get health insurance, I’d take your job in a second! Seriously, should I send a resume to you or something?

  5. Dear John ,I wrote an article about your blog,check it when you free
    if there’s problem ,pls leave a message there. thx.

  6. Da Xiangchang Says: August 18, 2004 at 1:23 pm

    Anyone watching the Olympics? China’s doing spectacularly, sometimes in events I didn’t know the Chinese even played, like hockey and air rifle! America’s not doing nearly as well–Puerto frigging Rico?!!–but I figure once track and field begins, America should catch up. Cuz if there’s one thing America produces, it’s inner-city kids who can run like antelopes!!!

  7. They’re probably asleep from all of the Baijiu they consumed at lunch time before going back to work with a red face and then passing out in the afternoon sun.

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