Bandwidth Exceeded

If you visited my blog yesterday you might have seen a “Bandwidth Exceeded” error. It wasn’t for a reason as glorious as a good mention on Metafilter or anything like that. It was partly due to my own stupidity, and partly due to our good friend Google.

A while back I made a Chinese fonts page, and I put some online for download. Seemed simple enough, and I sort of forgot about it for a while. In the meantime, Sinosplice was quietly climbing Google’s rankings for chinese fonts. It now occupies the #9 position for that search, so it’s on the first page of the search results.

Thus the fonts, many upwards of 5 MB in size, were getting downloaded left and right by anyone who searched for chinese fonts on Google. I caught onto what was happening earlier in the month when I started monitoring my bandwidth after making the Yueliang Daibiao Wo de Xin page. I took the fonts offline, but the “damage” was done and I finally went over yesterday.

But enough of that boring stuff.

In other site news I redesigned my Chinese blog so that it’s no longer a clone of this one, and I think it looks pretty cool (and better in Firefox than in IE). Those who want to see my handwriting in Chinese can finally see it (hit refresh to see more). Note, though, that what you see there is my normal Chinese handwriting (on a Wacom tablet), not my attempt at being artsy or beautiful or anything — I certainly can’t afford such vanity in my Chinese studies!


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I wondered why I wasn’t able to get to your site — and what a “505 (I think it was) error” is. Glad you’re back.

  2. John, have you seen the “Notorious MSG” yet?

  3. Funny, I hadn’t heard the chengyu ÄãÂèÂèϲ»¶ before 🙂

  4. John,

    The Chinese blog edition of Sinosplice looks fantastic – very Flash inspired. Love it. Rock on. Will be planning my dates for the upcoming Winter trip to China. Dec-Jan.

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