1. that’s odd. To put a diferent twist on the ‘there are more sheep than people in Australia’, I would’ve thought there are more cell phones than people in China.

  2. That is a phone booth all right.

  3. Ask the locals how many decades that phone booth has been there.

  4. Decades? Months.

  5. It must be very old one I guess…it might has been refubrished, since there are many old historical things in Shanghai since colony period long time ago…..

  6. waiting for the Superman joke…

  7. If they get rid of landlines such as phone booths, then how can we pull a “Matrix” when we are forced to escape from agents?

  8. pull the matrix through your cell phone.

  9. They’ve also got them in Dalian city, I remember seeing two people fast asleep inside one on a rainy day.

  10. Laska, you’re kidding, right? You must not understand the Matrix series. Have you seen the films? Did you pass by or misunderstand why they had to run to a land line via phone booth even though they all had the Nokia cell phones in their pockets? Just thought that was a serious comment you made and a grave mistake in terms of referring to The Matrix series. Anyways, no biggie, it’s just a film … or is it?

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