1. Da Xiangchang Says: January 20, 2005 at 12:31 am

    Haha, what a graphic. No two ways about it: Chinese attitudes toward animals ARE truly bad. Still, Western attitudes are only better because we torture animals in private. I mean, how many of the people who talk about animal rights are actually vegetarians? I mean, if you eat meat and then talk about animal rights, you’re pretty much a hypocrite. Visit any slaughterhouse, and I would imagine you’ll see unbelievable torture! The only way for animals to be truly protected from mankind is for everyone to only eat plants.

  2. don't have one Says: January 20, 2005 at 3:56 am

    However, if you take that arguement to it’s logical conclusion isn’t eating lettuce the same? I mean, you do cruelly tear it from its life force. To eat plants devalues their life!

    Then again, where would that leave us?

  3. Da Xiangchang Says: January 20, 2005 at 5:16 am

    Yeah, but if you slap a piece of lettuce around, it won’t be all screaming. Plants ain’t animals.

  4. yes but if all humans started eating plants instead of animals, all vegetables/grain etc would be for human consumption, and the poor animals would have nothing to eat. so the animals can’t win really.

  5. Da Xiangchang Says: January 21, 2005 at 1:44 am


    Unless every human being on earth is a fatass like Michael Moore, I think the animals’ food supply is safe. 😉

  6. man is still enthusiastically touture and even kill his fellows, let alone animals.

  7. 45 bears rescued in Sichuan

    45 bears rescued in Sichuan

  8. i believe that you fat head can eat animals but the way the zoos treat the animal its not right

  9. i think anyone that thinks that hurting animals is ok.. should be shot dead like gary bloody glitter.. .im A VEGETARIAN and bloody proud of it… i will do anything i can to stop the pain that these animals go through.. they have no voices.. and you fat arseholes sit there and think it’s fine to just eat your hamburger and get fat .. you repluse me .they were once alive.. i suppose you forget that when your covering it in tomatoe sauce.. it might as well be blood.

  10. Super Midget Says: April 17, 2006 at 5:53 am

    um, I have 2 birds and a turtle, i like them.

  11. i became a vegetarian today after looking up animal abuse on internet. To think what innocent, helpless animals go threw is truly repulsive. I agree with rose. Help animals!!!

  12. I hate people that talk about animals in a cruel way!!!!!
    people should love the animal and yes i am also a vegetarian

  13. Melissa Says: July 3, 2006 at 2:33 am

    okay i know no one wants to eat plants for the rest of our lifes but stuff like Veal should be BANNED and i think we can kill and treat animals a bit better instead of the burtal stuff we do to them i treat them better don’t make them live in tiny cages don’t make them live in GROSS unhuman conditions its not right !

  14. Violence against animals, leads to violence against humans.

  15. da big panda bear Says: September 13, 2006 at 10:31 am

    animals are being treated bad every where. i dont beleve in wildlife captivity under any circumstances its all the same every where you go. Most zoo’s don’t have enough space for the animal to live in a humane way. Alot of movies have animals doing tricks that aren’t natural just plain wrong! Some pets are being treated like an old video game you play 10 times and then you get bored. And if they pee on the carpet they’d have to sleep outside or something bad like that!!!!!

  16. I am someone who eats meat and i also don’t believe in animal cruelty. I think you can think both ways and not be a hypocrit. For example I only eat the animals raised at my house because then i know that the animals had a great life while they were here. I also believe that God put animals here for us to eat. God gave the human race rule over all the creature, now he did not give them the right to be cruel and inhumain.

  17. this is terrible stop abuseing animals this is not funny!

  18. I think everyone moved off the original point, the post wasnt about animal cruelty around the world it was about it in chinese zoo’s which I experianced first hand in Guilin 7 star park zoo, it was awful, at first I was asked “Would you like to ride the tiger?” ……after much tought I declined, Later a call from the side of the path, ” come in here to see special show.” my wife who is chinese wanted to go she said “I saw alot of these shows when I was young.” So in we went it was 20 minutes of hell. All the animals were forced to preform I saw forced as none of the creatures could proform he tasks demand from them, so for 20 minutes it was a show of young Guilin Boys punching tigers, kicking monkeys and smacking goats with 4X4’s. I asked to leave many times but my wife kept saying “oh wait a moment it will get good.” Our tour guide,a young girl I could see was crying during the show as the animals screamed in pain and fear. I like almost everything about China even the goverments not too bad, but this was too much.

  19. well alli want to really say s that im a 16 year old girl whos a vegetarian since birth and i think peole who abuse animals suh be put in the same pain for atleast 24 hours minimum so they get to know what sort of pain these poor helpless anials go through everyday de to them. if a animal is to attack a person itis put killed because its seen as dangerous…but what about all of the people who kill other people? abusing animal is not the way of life it just creates hell for everyone else! how much longer will these aimals have to suffer before getting any justice? hve the peple that at meat ever thought about how the animals they eat are killed and how they are kept? isnt that a for of animal crulty? animals were sent on earth by god not created by people so who gave people the right to abuse them? if a human is killed the person who commited the murder is sent to jail and called a murderer but what about people who kill animals? the get paid? is that right? peopkle think that animl abuse is onl when a animal is beaten and not when it is eaten because when you eat it u dont wan to think about how the animl u eat was kept an killed! that is also part of animal cruelty!!

  20. abusers r losers Says: May 26, 2007 at 4:11 am

    I completely agree, i took a tour of a slauterhouse in the 8th grade and there was so much blood i almost threw up! my friends and i boycotted the house until they closed down. how those animals were ikilled makes it even more sickening!

  21. I am not a vegetarian, however, I agree with what melissa says when she talks about veal. killin young innocent lives is not right. Its like cutting out a childs parts. However, I do eat hamburgers. I LIKE THEM! but I dont believe in blatant cruelty to animals, such as starving, beating, and mutilating. The only hamburgers I’ve eaten are the ones WE grow. We wait till our cows have lived their full life. They are gone, they have bred, they have contributed to society, and there is not much more for them. Maybe they are a little more stringy at an old age, but it makes us feel better to not kill them while they are in their prime. They dont have much left and we put them down humanely, and no, not with a gun, but with a needle.

  22. Michelle Says: June 18, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    It makes me so angry to see all this Animal Abuse !!!! I cry when I see everything these poor animals go through !!!! Not only are chinese treating their animals bad in the Zoos but everywhere in the streets !!!! They skin the alive, boil them, kill them infront of there owners with sticks, shoot them in the head, hang them, electrocute them And there is NO law protecting these animas !!!!!!!

  23. stop makes animal abuse,jerk!!
    hey ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS! not yours!
    please loves animals like you loves your children!

  24. chris smith Says: October 6, 2007 at 8:10 am

    if mankind stopped eating meat then animals wont have any value to man so people will jus kill them and wont breed them like the tamworth pig people didnt like streaky beacon so they stoped breading it nearly became extict and people like animal rights think zoos should be band but if people couldnt get to see the animals then lots of people wouldnt have a interest in them today but the bad zoos should be band because they put a band name on the good zoos and a lot of vegerterians eat soya now mainly all soya beans are grown near the rainforest this is a mager problem because the farmers are cutting the rainforest toput more soya plantations so people like vegeterians and animal rights think a lot they are doing is good but its bad

  25. i rally hate animal abuse i have a dog and it looks so sad

  26. Trevor Ketterling Says: November 15, 2007 at 1:46 am

    That is so funny! But on a serious note, I think it’s sick.

  27. I may eat meat. But torturing them is different. Leaving them to starvation is different. Testing them with products is different. I do not do that. In my religion we say a prayer before we kill an animal but that is only for eating it. We don’t l kill them at all. And know animals deserves any of that.

  28. Plants do have feelings too.
    there have been polygram tests taken on plants
    and the meter moved EVEN when the person was giving a mean attitude to the plant, and also hitting it, and cutting it
    Animals do too.
    If your a vegetarian, your killing a life too.
    So if your a vegetarian your concidered a hypocrit
    it’s perfectly normal for people to eat both plants and animals.
    i don’t believe in hunting just to do it, and as long as an animal is killed and eaten, not just thrown away
    i have no problem.
    And animal cruelty is a totally different thing
    torturing an animal till it dies just for your amusement is very wrong

  29. i looked on animal abuse and looked on this picture and i read all the comments what people have put. and i will never ever hurt an animal i dont like people even killin a spider or a fly and have always thought this animal abuses are only hurtin animals because there not strong anough to hurt other people. i love animals and that will never change i want to work and try my best to STOP animal abuse when im older im goin to try and try and try till i die to make all animals happy i no this wont change any body who does hurt animals but i just wanted to say that who ever has hurt a animal your wrong and should die i no that sounds meen but its meen hurting poor inercent animals!!! i dont want to eat animals but my mum forces me to because she says i need more fat on me but i dont care if im to skinny and nearly diein i just want animal abuse to stop im beggin yous who do it STOP!!!!

  30. i hate animal cruelty everything which has a life is important

  31. ha!! you think thats bad? In Peru, costa rica, and iraq, iran, and hungary and turke, soldiers must complete this test, only to truly become a soldier. A dog is spread apart, legs tied to one pole, 1 leg per pole, so they are apart, and same with the arms. the soldier must run to the dog and stab it and slash it several times. It is the time of 30 dogs per soldier, about 20 soldiers do it every month, thats 600 dog that die per month in every on of those places! then, they stick their hands into the knife holes, pull out their guts till they scream, eat the heart, and drink their blood. In china and thailand and asia, they slaughter dogs, and eat their meat. as i type this, i am crying, and i hope that when u read this, you will also. take this into consideration and PLEASE, TAKE ACTION!!!!1

  32. gabrielle Says: March 5, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    this is horrible how could u put this on the web and how could u even do this to an animal dont you use ur head ??

  33. jorge castillo Says: March 19, 2008 at 7:38 am

    it’s really sad to see animals get torture for such reasons……….
    that is n ot fair and animals do not deserve that because i have my own dog tooooooooo……

  34. animals should not be in zoos in the first place the only reason they are there and this abuse is happening is for human entertainment. in my opinion any man or woman who finds animal abuse in any form entertaining does not deserve to live. the rest of the world won’t miss them anyway as there is too many people which is the problem. however i still eat meat only i prefer the meat of a healthy animal it tastes nicer and in my opinion even vegetarians are designed as a predator. people too smart for their own good!!!

  35. fist,i must remaid you all,this photo is not is put together in a very rediculous way.the person who made this funny man-made photo,please stop doing this thing toward China

  36. Wendy it is a fact that China like many other eastern countrys has very bad zoo’s, I always thought a zoo was there to preserve animals and help them breed so to save them from extinction, but Chinese zoo’s are just for entertainment. When I was asked if I wanted to ride the Tiger in Guilin 7 star zoo I knew things are prety bad in Chinese zoo’s.

  37. That photo did not amusse me. Animal abuse is serious.

  38. lisa(scotland) Says: January 15, 2009 at 11:15 pm

    hi there, i think that this picture has been messed with. although i am VERY strongly against animal cruelty. just today i put up a blog on bebo about how fur is made in CHINA(skinned alive and left to die) and how serious animal testing is etc etc. i believe that animals and humans were put on earth together so we both have the right to be here, just beacause animals cant speak they still have an active brain like us and can feel everything that happens to them. i am also a vegetarian going on 1 year now…i watched a documentry about how animals are slaughtered and was very disturbed for about a month after that. whenever i see adverts for campaigns on animal abuse i actually cry and cant help it…it affects me so much. and what hurts even more is that there is nothing i can do on my own right now as i type this to STOP abuse like this, all i can do is pay abit of charity, sign upto different campaigns n thats that 🙁 i want to stop it soo badly that it hurts. and i agree that whatever humans do to animals they should be prosicuted by recieving atleast 1 day of the same tortures that poor animal went through because of them. LOVE ANIMALS, STOP THIS CRUELTY!

  39. Actually if you reliaze this what came before animals and humans?PLANTS!It was green filelds beautiful actually then animals came and the cavemen which were concited “humans” were some type of speiecs of animals.Indians i like better they actually didn’t waste the animals they eat all of it!Used everything of the animal,but really the earth doesn’t need humans.

  40. <i believe that anyone who would hurt an animal is simply not human how dare anyone hurt an animal if it werent for them we wouldnt eveen be here. when i see these kinds of things i just want to flip thats why when i am older i am being an animal cop so you mess with me youll see what will happen. STOP ANIMAL CURLTY

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