WordPress it is…

As I mentioned recently, I’m changing my blogging platform. Originally I had been shying away from WordPress because neither of my two “IT advisers” recommended it, but after doing my own research, it seems that the switch from MT to WP will be the easiest, and especially since the release of WordPress 1.5, it’s a very solid PHP-based blogging platform. Plus my two advisers kinda changed their views and they’re not so against it.


What you’ll never see on this blog

So I made my choice, but the actual switchover will take some time. I will keep my current design (well, maybe some small changes), but WP templates are very different from MT templates. Instead of inserting HTML-esque MT tags, I’m playing with includes and loops and stuff in PHP. I’m in for some headaches.

Looks like I’ll be heading home to Florida for a visit on July 3rd (with my girlfriend!), so I aim to get it done before then.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.

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