Using Baidu MP3 Search

I think any modern student of Chinese should be using Baidu’s MP3 search. With it, it’s possible to find a huge variety of MP3s on the internet, and it’s totally free! (Yes, the world’s loss regarding intellectual property rights in China can be your gain!) I can imagine, though, that for a beginning student of Chinese, an all-Chinese interface can be daunting. It is my aim to make it more accessible to the beginner.

Note: to use Baidu, your computer must support Chinese fonts. Baidu uses GB2312 encoding, which should be automatically detected by your browser, but the Chinese characters will only be readable if your computer supports them.

OK, let’s suppose you’re a total beginner. You’ve heard of this hot boy band called F4, and you figure it’s as good a place as any (plus you don’t have to actually use any Chinese to search for it!).

  1. Go to

    Baidu Search

  2. Click on MP3 (or you could have gone to directly).

    Baidu Search

  3. Enter your search term in the box (in this case it’s “F4” without the quotes).

    Baidu Search

  4. Choose your format. I only want MP3s, so I select the “MP3” radio button. (The choices, left to right, are: 歌词 (lyrics), 全部音乐 (all music files), mp3, rm (RealPlayer format), wma (Windows Media Player format), flash, 其它 (others), 铃声 (cell phone ringtones).)

    Baidu Search

  5. Click on the button next to the search box, “百度搜索” (Baidu search). (For the future, when you do searches from the search results page, make sure you click on the left button. The right button will be “歌词搜索” (lyrics search).)

    Baidu Search

  6. You will see a table of your search results. Below you will find a guide to interpreting this table:

    Baidu Search

    1. 歌曲名: Song Title (this name is linked to the MP3s you download)
    2. 试听: Listen First (uses Windows Media Player in a popup window)
    3. 歌词: Lyrics (very useful, especially for pop music, although not 100% reliable)
    4. 铃声: Cell Phone Ringtone
    5. 大小: Filesize (in megabytes)
    6. 格式: Format (MP3, WMA, etc.)
    7. 下载速度: Download Speed (especially if you’re outside of China, this may be important)
  7. Right click on a title (choose from the 歌曲名/Song Title column) and “Save as“. There’s a good chance that you’ll want to change the filename, as they are often completely random or unhelpful.

    Update: You now have to first left-click on the song title. A pop-up window will appear containing the URL to the MP3. Right-click on that to save.

    Baidu Search

That’s it! Also try out the lyrics search. You can click on 歌词 (lyrics) for any search result that has them. You can also search for lyrics directly, from the search results page. Click on the right button, “歌词搜索” (lyrics search).)

Baidu Search

Note that the lyrics are not always 100% accurate. Most are submitted by users.

For other Sinosplice tutorials, click on the tutorial tag.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Can’t wait to try that one.

  2. Listening to F4 will also make you a total beginner in chinese music, F4? already fed up with them…

  3. Did you buy the Baidu stock?

  4. Anya,

    F4 was popular back in 2001, I believe. It’s just an example.

  5. Tim H,


  6. Now we’re at it, offers lots of interesting links -music, movie, software, etc-, to download with eMule (Chinese version:

  7. Would you like to recommend some Mandarin Pop groups?

    How about the names of some that were popular in 2003? I couldn’t stand it at the time, but now I wish I’d bought a CD to play for people in the US, so they know what kind of music was blaring from the shops. I already have Super Star by S.H.E., that was too easy to find! It turned my stomach hearing it played over and over, but now it makes me nostalgic.

  8. mp3 baidu is very good.i like to use it because it’s very fast.

  9. What happened to
    It seems to me that a search doesn’t yield any results…

  10. Yah how come it doesn’t work??
    For some reason it only works for Chinese names…
    But then it used to work with English too…

    Anyone know the answer??

  11. Chris and Jo,

    Baidu has recently made some changes to its MP3 search in an apparent move to protect itself from being sued by the Western music industry. Looks like Baidu is only really useful for searching for Chinese songs now.

  12. harry potter Says: January 1, 2006 at 9:18 pm

    Baidu is very wonderful . It save my money and time .

  13. Maybe used to be better, but I still find it useful for finding American songs, either major or minor label. I never noticed any change, actually, but I’m not a power user.

  14. Works great, even better if you understand a few characters and know how to write in Chinese!

  15. How does understanding a few characters and knowing how to write in Chinese help? I thought you just entered text in the box and clicked enter. I have friends using it who don’t know the first thing about Chinese.

  16. I’m Chinese.I didn’t know so many foreigners were using BAIDU.But I’d like to invite some singers popular in China now.I think the most popular one is周杰伦 whose english name is “JAY” you can saerch with it and may you find some surprise.

  17. some popular songs:
    and i’m glad to make friends with you

  18. Wow…i didn’t realize there were so many foreigner listening to chinese songs…well probably most of you are asian origin or just chinese around the world..hehe…i just recently start listening to chinese music again and i got admit …it’s way much better than previous years before and from my point of view…it’s almost up there with K-pop and more american type of songs…very good…
    my fav. artist are: Kelly Chan, Nicholas Tse, Daniel chan, Jay Chow, Cecilia Cheung, Sammi Cheung,gigi, SHE, and a lot of others i can’t think of right now..

    • Yeah…,
      You’re right.
      All People in the world can use Baidu.
      Chinese Music is in Around the World now.
      Chinese Songs are So Amazing and very attractive.
      I’m Chinese too….

  19. guys can u tell me where i could find the pinyin and english translation lyrics to Shino Lin – Xin Dong song? i trie dto find it everywhere but couldnt find it..please sumone help?

  20. I like Leehom. It’s kinda hip-hop, but he calls his music “chinked out.” I think L.J’s artist picks are mostly Cantonese, though. I’m just going to say this now: I’m no expert.

  21. guys……..a new chinese mp3 website

  22. Does anyone know of a mp3 player that can handle both English and Chinese? I’ve downloaded the Chinese skins from Winamp, but it doesn’t change how the songs are actually listed.

    Any suggestions?

  23. Baidu is good in terms of doing search for songs, especially good for Chinese songs.

    H3ctor: I’m not sure you can even find any site that does that kind of translation for you. good luck with it 🙂 but if you know a mate that reads chinese, I bet s/he can do it for you. Buy them a beer 🙂

    Kate545: It has nothing to do with the skins. It’s the encoding that used by the software that makes it impossible to display chinese until you change the regional settings in the Control Panel.

  24. I think is very good for us .I am chinese but now I living

    in America but I still use it to search popular songs.

  25. You say you found Superstar by S.H.E.? Where did you find it? Can you download it for free???

  26. scroll upwards and read the post girl…

    John’s done the hard work going through the whole process =_______=”

  27. thanx soo much. i’m like south asian and don’t know chinese at all and this has like totally helped me! ur the best! now i can download all my songs.

  28. For Chinese music is very fast. For English Music is good and for Indian Music is okay.

  29. Is absolutely safe?

  30. song listerner Says: March 26, 2007 at 12:00 pm

    hey! i always go there but i just click on newsongs top 100/500 to listen to songs. There are more than f4 songs.i hate f4

  31. chelsea 7 Says: April 10, 2007 at 4:19 am

    it’s absolutely safe and fast
    i’m chinese
    l always use it
    it’s update everyday
    so you can search too many america songs which you like
    of course it have too many chinese songs
    in china,a singer who named jolin is popular now

  32. It won’t give me the option to “save as” =(
    What do i do???

  33. Thank you very much for an illustration of why Baidu continues to beat Google China among the under 25s.

  34. Baidu have changed it, you have to left click on the link that comes on the page directly after you’ve entered the search terms, then a new window comes up with a url where the track is. You right click and select save as on this link. Check that when you choose the filename that the file is saved as type .mp3 or .wma, not .html!

  35. google china never beats baidu

  36. Baidu, come to know Chinese.

  37. bluecutie Says: August 10, 2007 at 6:22 am

    i cant use baidu anymore?? i have the chinese fonts on my computer but i cant find the songs that i have looked for before and i cant find any other songs.

  38. F4 are not popular at all now in china !!


  39. hey does anyone know if Baidu MP3 works for Apple’s Macs? Because I have one and I would really like to use it to download songs on to my iPod…if possible.

  40. Hi,

    please let me know how to download mp3 from baidu. after I found the link of the music, I click save link as , but it doesn;t work.
    Then, I tried to open the link in the new window and it bring me to new another window.

    Thanks for the help

  41. baidu is good enough…but is there any website that is english,but have chinese songs???i don’t know how to read or write in chinese…i just know very very simple chinese only…

  42. baidu is very good.
    I love it very much
    i’m in china
    my classmate also use baidu.

    My english is not good.-_-||

  43. I use this It is very popular now for searching direct download link for all kind of media..

  44. Hello, I don’t why doesn’t work now. I am using it in America. I tried to repair it at school but I failed last week. Probably this college just has one Chinese student, so they close Chinese website.

  45. Thank you very much for the useful notes especially for a Chinese like me but don’t know how to read Mandarin, this notes really helpful and I’m so much happy to get the songs I wanted so much.

  46. the real cmf Says: November 4, 2007 at 9:24 am

    Anyone know where can I get the really good old stuff? Like pre and post Mao, 1930’s-1960’s?

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  48. Another site for searching Mp3:
    but for better speed,you’d better download 迅雷5.

  49. Listening chinese songs is one of the best ways to relax myself. with the modern technology and software, we now can listen any good songs whenever we are.

  50. Heya…I followed your tutorial….and well when I want to put in another artists name like Joey yung or 容祖兒….it doesn’t appear the same, and well I’m chinese, but I cant READ chinese since I was born in canada so all this stuff is really hard for me….and so I was just wondering why it doesn’t work for 容祖兒??? Could you reply me back?

  51. Thanks for the info on baidu. I finally worked it out GO ME.

    i enjoy listening to mandarin songs much more than cantonese songs, There are few good canto singers on the scene now. I mean, the guys and girls from the decades before were pretty damn good. Now its all just based on LOOKS and they CAN’T sing. it makes my stomach churn with disgust.

  52. does anyone knows what happened to all the songs seem to have disappeared! when i try searching for songs, nothing appear in the search result…=(

  53. ya! I’m agree with liang! Why doesn’t it work to download songs anymore om baidu?? :S I haven’t got any site were I can download chinese songs now!:S:S Help meee!! :0 were can I download chinese songs now?? :S:S:S:S Heeeeelp!

  54. something’s strange. now when i go to baidu, and search for a song, nothing comes out!!! that goes for every song!!! how am i to download songs now??? somebody fix this please!!!

  55. yeah…what happen to baidu? it seem they have remove all mp3 from the server. someone tell us plz.

  56. ahh. same with me D:
    i’m so sad. i recall there used to be another chinese music search engine site, but i don’t remember what it was since i always used baidu.

  57. ooh i remember now.
    it still works! not as good as baidu, but there are mp3s.

  58. maybe baidu is being sued again… thats why we cant search anything.

  59. Guys, still works for me. I just downloaded an Elva song from it.

    What kinds of problems are you having that makes you say it doesn’t work anymore? It could be that Baidu has blocked IP addresses from outside of China from downloading.

  60. thats true John..Baidu has blocked IP add outside i can download mp3 from baidu again…thx…

  61. but i still cant download songs from it. i live in singapore by the way. why did they suddenly block IP addresses outside china???

    baidu mp3 search banned in the us

    If you think only Chinese people use Baidu, you’re dead wrong. Recently, a friend of ours in the US complained that he was unable to find any more music through Baidu’s MP3 search service. Not a surprise really, since that treasure trove of pirated music that is now getting sued for big bucks in a Beijing court by some of the biggest names in music including Universal, EMI, Warner, Sony BMG and their local subsidiaries, Cinepoly, Go East and Gold Label for the infringement of the copyright of “hundreds of songs”. All eyes are on this court case now as this is one that may force Baidu to shut down its MP3 search service.

    In an earlier case, a Chinese court has apparently ruled that MP3 searches are illegal and was fined RMB310,000 yuan in four cases involving 70 songs.Netease, one of the top three web portals in China, has also shut down its MP3 search over copyright infringement concerns.

    A quick check with friends in Germany also found that Baidu’s MP3 search is also no longer available there. Like in the US, users are now directed to Baidu’s video search instead. Interestingly,, one of our favourite search engines in the early days of the Internet (oh how long ago is that now), has found a new niche in MP3 search, it seems. A search for Jay Chou (周杰伦) yielded 26 search results, “Michael Jackson” yielded 12,936 results while “Madonna” yielded 17,936 results.

    Despite all the legal hiccups, the god of fortune seems to be smiling on Baidu. It has just broken into the NASDAQ Top 100, a big deal apparently because Baidu is the first Chinese stock to do so.

    I’m from Europe
    This really s*cks!!!

  63. hi guys!
    looks like my life has gone dull. Baidu was the excellent site, i could downlaod any thing i wanted , now its gone. If any body have any links to download chinese mp3 , please inform all Baidu lovers.

  64. Guys! i have been using baidu since last 5 years, travelled all over the world, now settled back in Pakistan. I was very disappointed to see baidu going dead. Any other site you guys know about please keep us posted. I love chinese pop music and found no other alternate other then to fly back to china and buys MP3 cds from there, cause here no place to buy chinese music. Help me out please …

  65. yahoooooooooooooooo….. i can use Baidu now…

  66. yipee yipeee yeye !!! Baidu is great……

  67. why all of u can use but not me???

  68. erm… john??? guys??? pls reply my question??? why did they block IP addresses outside China??? how do i fix this???

  69. wadever,

    I’m in China. I can’t see what’s blocked where, and I have no idea what Baidu is doing. If Baidu wants to block IPs from outside of China, there’s nothing you can do (except maybe move to China).

  70. I still don’t get it :S When ever I right click it, it doesn’t say ; Save Link As ..

  71. I must thks my friend who introduce this website to me. I’ve never been so happy listening to music I like Baidu bcos it’s extremely friendly n efficient!



  72. Josephine Says: July 27, 2008 at 6:06 pm

    I still don’t get it… is there anyone can help me to download the song : mimi 秘密 singer : li rui en 黎瑞恩


  73. Any1 know why I can’t find JJ, Wang LeeHom, and lots of others on baidu? Tried everything, chinese name and english but still can’t find. Help pls =.=

  74. Um…i successfully downloaded a few mp3 songs onto my computer but not sure why the files aren’t accepted by itunes. they also do not automatically play on window media player, it says there’s some kind of extension.

    lastly, the icon for the file is not one of a music or mp3 file but a bland piece of paper? is it a problem with my comp or is that how the files are meant to be, if so, anyone have tips on how to convert or change it so i can put it on my ipod?

  75. Shad0vvStalk3r Says: September 25, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    I heard Bai Du got sued because of their free music?!3 out of 4 major Chinese Recording labels sued Bai Du for distributing free music,causing them to loose alot of money.So Now you can’t download anymore?!

    Correct me if I’m wrong!

  76. Skywalker Says: October 3, 2008 at 12:13 am

    Baidu is a real good thing,and I think it’s soooo wonderful for you foreigners in whose countries you pay your mp3 songs. Though it’s has been sued, actually Baidu doesn’t seem to be affected, everything is going right, we can still enjoy our free music downloading. Well, I believe this phenomenon is quite Chinese style. I am not so sure whether this is exclusive in China?
    BTW, verycd is awesome even better than Baidu for you can download full albums and lots of HD movies ,books etc.
    China is really great!!

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  78. Yes Baidu has blocked access to its MP3 download functions from overseas, I think that was about a year or so ago. I guess they are doing this to prevent (or reduce) the potential of being sued by the international labels.

  79. […] wrote a while back about how to download music through Baidu’s MP3 search. Since then, Baidu has taken some heat, and downloads from overseas are no longer allowed (but it […]

  80. sweetcandy: Those are WMA files. iTunes won’t play them because only Windows programs can.

    My faves are Jay Chou, LeeHom Wang, Khalil Fong, Mayday, sodagreen, Jam Hsiao, Totem Band, Peng Tan, Nan Quan Mama, J.J. Lin, A-Yue, and Fusion Band. Did I miss anyone? I’m not a fan of singing groups, though. I prefer singer-songwriters. I try to buy my stuff through YesAsia. Baidu doesn’t work here, and eMule crashed my harddrive, or at least that’s what we think.

  81. aaah, thank you! i cannot read a word of chinese and was left to scratch my head in bewilderment until i came across your step-by-step tips. SUCCESS! : )

  82. Hi, I would like to download some movies/series from VeryCD but I can’t understand chinese and have found the series I wanna watch in the website but have no idea how to download =(
    ANy help would be great!

  83. yvaine.y Says: April 8, 2009 at 8:39 am

    hi , i would like to download some mp3 but when i right click to save links it does not work,cant play the song cause the file is – firefox document ……so how ? any comment for me thanks

  84. Awesome! Thanks for this tutorial.

  85. Now Baidu is dead, but sogou is still working~
    Try this website below

    You also can find western songs

    If you wanna download them, find “链接” column, left click the icon, and it will jump out a small window where it shows the link of this song. You could right click the link then save as, or right click “下载歌曲” button then save as. ^_^

  86. Thanks a lot XZEN!!!

  87. Hey John,
    this tutorial is great, especially since they show the lyrics on baidu. Fantastic to practice reading the characters. Allthough I´m afraid this way my profficiency will only increase in cheesy love related characters. ;o) do you know some chinese radio plays? Hints from anybody?

  88. why don’t the songs play in the live flash player(prelisten). When you click on the little play button a new window pops up but the songs won’t play. It just keeps cycling through them…?

  89. When I try to listen to music on baidu, they said the service isn’t available in my region. Is there any way to get around that?

  90. Hi, when I try to listen to music on baidu, they said the service isn’t available in my region – Czech ( Europe). There is way to get around that.
    At first I copy the song which I want to listen, for example top 100 1. 第二梦 and paste at the search panel then enter. Then I click on web link and listen and listen.
    I speak chinese but couldnot read the word I use bing accelerator to e or MDBG translator
    I’m sorry for my english Maybe I will help someone.

  91. It’s been a while seen you wrote this. Is it still the right way to find free Mp3s?

  92. OK, I’m closing comments on this blog post because:

    1. The information is old and outdated, and…

    2. it’s attracting a lot of spam

    I’ll keep the post up for archiving reasons, though.

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