Chunky Salsa Sinosplice

I got some good feedback on my new layouts, including a request for a Chunky Salsa layout by one Jamie Doom. Greg offered zealous support for this idea. I don’t like to let down friends, so I gave it some serious thought. Jamie then proceeded to create a Chunky Salsa “layout” on his own blog.

Jamie is a man of many talents, but I am sad to say that Chunky Salsa design skillz is just not one of them. I knew, however, that Jamie (and quite possibly Greg as well) had some serious, borderline neurotic needs for online Chunky Salsa, so I had no choice but to go that extra mile and put together my own Chunky Salsa layout.

Get it while it’s fresh… it may not last! In the meantime, for those of you that need it, each new Sinosplice post can be a fresh bowl of China salsa for your minds. But this blog needs chips. You, the readers, can be those chips. Together we will boldly forge into uncharted Salsa-China blog territory!

Update: It works now.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Is this another Firefox thing? Right now, I’m being forced to use IE because that’s all the university labs allow on their computers.

    I see no chunky salsa, just a plain white background 🙁

  2. Oops. Sorry. I screwed up the style switcher link. Try again.

  3. I love the salsa background. Good call on the inspiration. But for real, let me take a photo of the real salsa — some Californian handmade PICO DE GALLO. Our salsa is tops. I’ll get the high res shot to you next time I stuff my face at the one of a dozen taqueria’s I frequent.

  4. this is by far the best sinosplice post to date. I esp. like the chihuahua picture.

  5. i’m hungary

  6. no, I’m turkey!

  7. love the chunky salsa… mmmm…. tostidos…

  8. John,

    So anyway you rule in so many ways. This is what I had in mind. I can’t design it…I’m an idea guy. Thanks, my heart is warm now.


    Pico De Gallo is the wave of the future in Web Design. I fear nobody is ready for it now.

    Alf: Bless your heart.

  9. Haha, dude you gotta keep it

  10. This is awesome.

  11. this layout is cute, esp the pic in your About section. haha

  12. Wait, John, are you saying you don’t like my Salsa Design Scheme? I don’t know what to sa…..

  13. I like the chunky salsa as well, although I’m not sure how representative it is of your China experience. Perhaps each month you can utilize a new food related background utlizing the most enticing take out you’ve had. Perhaps fried rice or hot pot.

  14. Brian,

    If you knew anything about the “China Experience” you’d know the intergral role chunky salsa plays. If you are in China and don’t know chunky salsa you don’t know China. It’s everything and nothing, it’s fire and ice, the El Paso and the Ortega. You must embrace the chunky salsa for all that it is and all that it isn’t. And who the hell has ever had take-out hot pot? Man, nothing I love more than running back to my house with a flaming cauldren of boiling broth in one hand and a 5-tiered, bamboo rack stuffed with all the fixings balancing in the other. Skin flailing off one hand, and spinach and dofu flying out the other. Look out China! Greg’s bringing home the HOT POT!


    It’s exactly as I imagined it. Your site truly is (from a design standpoint…your content is still a marathon of snores) the apex of the China blog community. Don’t tell Ice Cube but you are the new Don Mega. I’m never changing this theme. I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs. I read your site for five minutes then go knock off a Chi Chi’s. Bravo John! Bravo

  15. This chunky salsa layout is definitely a keeper. By all means, introduce salsa to China if it’s not already there. Salsa and guacamole, they will do well.

    Is red pepper (de arbols?) a salsa ingredient? If not why not use cilantro leaves in the vegi pictures around the logo? And I would use pictures of real jalapenos instead, unless Floridans prefer anaheims.

  16. Dangit, now your blog makes me hungry.. even when you’re not featuring food!!

    Nice layout.

  17. Gin,

    ARGH, I was wondering if anyone was going to call me out on those salsa ingredients!

    Basically I chose what I could find attractive, usable images for. Call it artistic license.


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