Blame it on John B

A while back I decided to try an experiment. I said that I would begin posting one entry every morning (China time), Monday through Friday. And I’ve been doing that, for over 14 weeks now. So how do I feel about it?

Well, it wasn’t that hard. My inspiration (or desire to write uninspired posts, as the case may be) comes in spurts, and during those times it’s pretty convenient to write up a bunch of posts and schedule them for the next week or so. I like that.

The problem is that for the past two weeks or so I’ve been really busy. So when I thought of something I wanted to write about, I would think of a title, make a note or two, and save it as a draft. Then I would still end up writing the actual full entry the night before, in most cases. Sometimes that can be pretty inconvenient.

But what’s the point anyway? I don’t think it improved my readership or my content. It improved the quantity of my content, maybe. But big deal.

So I’m going to stop with the clockwork posting. I’ll probably post just as often, on average, but my rests won’t always be on weekends. And my new entries won’t always appear sometime from 7am to 10am Shanghai time.

Why blame it on John B? He was the one who mentioned he liked my weblog (to at least appear) more spontaneous. I think I agree now.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I think I agree too. Readership will depend more on the contents, less on the frequency and even less-er on the regularity of the posts. In that sense, spontaneity would often contribute to the quality (inspiredness) of the contents. Of course, the main quality flows from the writer’s talent and his surroundings.

  2. As cliche as it gets: Quality over Quantity. Good suggestion, John B. Not everyone qualifies because the prerequisite is snobbbbbbery. The winners are always snobs. Like me. Yow!

  3. Johnny Hu Says: November 2, 2005 at 5:51 am

    I agree. It is all about quality

  4. Obviously quality is key.

    The issue is regularity vs. spontaneity.

  5. But…but now I have to go and redo the preferences on my subscription to your RSS – I can’t just check it once every 24 hours anymore if you’re going to go all spontateous. Think of the additional server load, man!

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