Things I learned last Friday

Last Friday night my friend DJ Carl was spinning so I went to check his set out at La Fabrique with my girlfriend. While there a kind soul gave us tickets to see Scott Bond at DKD so we did that too. I learned a few things:

1. A girl can look pretty hot with her hair up and chopsticks in her hair.

2. The chopsticks in her hair are not actually to be called “chopsticks.” That would be silly. They are actually “hair accessories.”

3. Girls with chopsticks in their hair do not belong on the dance floor. Someone could lose an eye.

4. I’m getting old. Even despite Carl’s numinous performance the club thing holds little appeal for me anymore. (I’m not sure it ever did, but I used to be able to fake it, at least.)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Those hair accessories are nice. I have quite a few. Hmmm well the plastic or wooden ones are pretty harmless but the metallic ones on the other hand… I’m always careful when wearing those. Don’t want to poke my bf in the eye. LoL
    I’d never wear those in a night club. haha

  2. I tried to get DJ Carl’s autograph at a club in Hanzhou one time, and he totally snubbed me.

  3. Dude of course it sucked, DJ Carl plays Jungle acid west coast chill house, with an uplifting “jazzy” sound and lots of female vocalists. The only electronic music worth listening to is pSy two step west london deathporn trance.

  4. Da Xiangchang Says: November 8, 2005 at 5:14 am

    Chopsticks in hair? Hmmm, sounds hot, but I’d think that’s only hot on a HOT girl. It’s like when I go to the mall and see these shirts on mannequins. I like, Man, that’s pretty nice, but then I think it only looks good on that well-built mannequin–nice pecs, broad shoulders, flat stomach. On me, the shirt will look like crap!

    And I can’t understand why anyone in the world would ask for autographs. I don’t care if Arnold Schwarzenegger himself is waiting outside my door, I won’t ask for his autograph. When I become famous, I’ll be sure to turn away autograph seekers with a “I’m not better than you are, dumbass, so why ask me for my signature?!”

  5. John you were always quite terrible at faking it. You wouldn’t make for a good woman. 😉

  6. da xiangchang:

    I agree with your sentiments about autographs. I actually never asked DJ Carl for his autograph. I like to make up stories in comment boxes for excitement. I did ask DJ Carl for his leftover pink-eye medicine one time and I think I was snubbed that time as well.

  7. John can fake with the best of them – see following URL:

    Circa 2003, Brisbane, Australia, real House Music.

    And, John, I feel you. Fight it, man, fight it!

  8. Carl, props on the West Coast House sound you rep’d with according to Alf – but what is “Jungle acid?” Is this Drum ‘n Bass crossed with Acid House (Tripped out 80s Techno)?

  9. is the chopsticks-in-the-hair thing new over there? it’s not new here. some of them even have something like charms dangling from the top ends (i don’t like those kind).

  10. Jesus, I don’t think it’s new anywhere, I remember Minmei from Robotech having Chopsticks in her hair – OK maybe I’m imagining that, but definitely that fat woman in “I’m the one that I want” makes fun of the look as being cliched, even for early 90s American TV sitcoms…

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