CBL: Bingfeng and RSS

Bingfeng of Bingfeng’s Teahouse did this week’s Top Ten List for the China Blog List. I think it’s kinda interesting to see which blogs about China–by foreigners–a Chinese guy reads. There you have it.

In other news, for the blogs that provided the URL, I have added RSS links to the lower right corner of the entries in the list… sort of. I can say for sure that it works in Firefox, but there’s an occasional 1-pixel lower gap. (Firefox, what part of bottom: 0; don’t you understand??)

The interesting (or maybe “interesting”) thing is that while the CSS doesn’t work in IE, it has absolutely no ill effects… the links are just totally not there. I have no idea why, or where they went. As is often the case with IE’s rendering, it’s a mystery. If anyone can take a look at the CSS and clear it up for me, I’d appreciate it.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Which entries in what list? I see no RSS links anywhere on the CBL (except for the CBL itself), no matter what browser I use.

  2. zhwj,

    From the main page, click on “Newest blogs from Beijing” or “Newest blogs from Beijing” (most of the old blogs don’t have CSS links). You may have to refresh if your browser cached the old CSS. The CSS links are in the lower right corner of each box and are somewhat faint, but turn orange on hover.

  3. Wow, You’re not kidding they’re faint. But then IE shows the links, too, after a fashion – only, they’re not located properly. In fact, in IE the page goes about 100 pixels off the righthand side of my 800×600 screen; if I select and scroll I can push the the enclosing div (with the CBL intro) to the left and bring up RSS links, occasionally. On the new Beijing Blogs list, mranti’s RSS feed is opposite Tinyfool’s Diary (sometimes; others it’s next to Beijing or Bust), and they go down from there. It’s not really reliably reproduceable.

  4. zhwj,

    Ah, it’s so hard to know what might be too faint on other people’s monitors when it looks fine on mine… I changed the link styling to make them higher contrast.

    Interesting that you can see the links in IE but I can’t. Maybe it’s because you’re viewing in 800×600? Hmmm, if I can’t get them to behave, I may just make them completely invisible to IE users. (Or maybe I could just hope the next IE release solves the problem…)

  5. thanks for the link.
    i’m always looking for more
    china blogs to read. cheers!

  6. Following this ‘cun’
    I will comment in haiku
    Spring breeze, transcendent.

  7. By ‘cun,’ I meant ‘cyn.’
    My deepest apologies.
    Keyboard? Illusion.

    CSS is wack.
    My attempts all come to naught.
    <Table>s, any day.

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