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It’s something I’ve wanted to implement for a while, and the new China Blog List made it possible. Although its main function is still to list China blogs written in English, The China Blog List now features a separate listing of non-English (non-Chinese) blogs about China.

If you’re interested in blogs of only one language in the non-English list, you can easily bookmark that one language (and RSS feeds are on the way). So far, the languages covered are:

non-English China Blog List

French (27)
Spanish (7)
German (7)
Swedish (1)

Of interest:

  • Pincheschinos (Spanish): “the online library of Chinese piracy.” You don’t need to be able to read Spanish to appreciate a lot of this stuff. Check out the Religion Free DVD Player, Shanghai Cola, PolyStation, and Star Warrio action figures.
  • Manologgon (Spanish): Chinese souvenir market. (This is a lot of the stuff we debate whether or not to buy for you people back home.)
  • C H I N A B L Ä T T E R (German): the format looks like a German ESWN (except fancier, hehe), but I think it’s more like a German China Digital Times. (No serious China blog can compare with ESWN content-wise, right?) A lot of the links are for English articles.
  • Max (French): An entry on English Corner caught my eye. I was curious what a French speaker would think about this oft-reviled Chinese tradition. Translated by Babelfish:

    One meets full with world, especially people culturés thus trés interesting.

    Assailed by questions, people are intrigued by our presence… or you come, what you do make here, how you are called, is what it is beautiful Paris, you préferes Chinese girls or the European ones?… One do not know any more or to give head…

    Good experiment, dice which I have a little time the week end I go back there to do to me a little pocket money…

    Trés interesting indeed. I don’t read French, so I’m not sure if that was supposed to be dirty or what…

Anyway… The Non-English China Blog List is out. Spread the word. Stay tuned for more good stuff to come from the CBL. Eventually.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. schtickyrice Says: December 5, 2005 at 8:52 am

    LOL….ou donner de la tête indeed.

    “ou” should be translated as “where”, not “or”. Which begs the next question, where else?

  2. I’ll be watching for Polish.

  3. quick addition: Shanghai Express (in spanish)

  4. “You meet lots of people, especially cultured people who are really interesting.

    We are bombarded with questions, because people are really interested in us… where do you come from, what you do here, what your name is, is Paris beautiful, do you prefer european or chinese women? … You don’t which way to turn your head…”

    But really, everything should be translated with babelfish, it would make the world a much more interesting place!

  5. ESWN,

    Thanks for the link.

  6. Jennifer,

    Thanks for the (more natural) translation. Less fun, perhaps, but the truth can be like that. 🙂

  7. DongBei Says: May 18, 2006 at 12:06 pm

    So are there any Polish blogs up yet? Who’s Polish by the way – I thought I was the only Pole in China at the moment…

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