People Who Date Only Asians Comics

OK, so it only takes a tenuous link with China to make me link to Daily Dinosaur Comics. I love this webcomic! (Click the image below to read the whole thing.)

I’ll admit, this one isn’t particularly funny. But many of them are.

As for the real “people who date only Asians” discussion… I don’t really understand why anyone cares. (Cast your vote of disapproval for this boring topic by not commenting about it!)



John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I only date virgos..and sometimes…libras.

  2. I thought it was hilarious

    …because it’s so true. sob

  3. i’m a virgo. virgos rock!
    as for why anyone cares…
    big can of worms. HUGE! 8)

  4. Canuckster Says: December 13, 2005 at 6:47 am

    As an Asian female, I’m divided on this issue. I hate people who stare and make snide remarks about interracial couples; on the other hand, I also hate guys who stereotype and categorize all Asian women into a homogenous unit. In the end, however, I think people should date whomever they please… πŸ™‚

  5. I, for one, vehemently disagree with the unmistakable racism presented in this comic. It’s stupidly self-limiting, too. Even ignoring previous evidence on this site of their inferiority, there’s no reason to write off the offerings of other cultures to date Asian comics exclusively. I mean, heck, Margaret Cho only has so much time in one day…

  6. An informal poll of my coworkers reveals that nearly everyone in my office dates Asians exclusively, and many of them even married Asians. This fetish is more widespread than I thought!

  7. Da Xiangchang Says: December 13, 2005 at 11:48 am

    Here are, I think, the most common reasons why some Caucasian guys ONLY date Asian women:

    • They find Asian physically women hotter than other [women].
    • There are only Asian women around (like in China).
    • For some, it’s easier to get a hot Asian woman than a comparatively hot Caucasian [woman].
    • They find they’re more comfortable around Asian women (whether it’s cultural values or interests, their unease around Caucasian women, or whatever).

    Who knows? But those are the only reasons I can think of.

  8. cyn,

    Virgo’s do indeed rock, especially virgo’s who are freaks πŸ˜‰

    Da Xianchang, I like it better when you refer to caucasions as pinks. I miss that. I have also noticed that girls of all races love when you call them broads.

  9. Da Xiangchang Says: December 13, 2005 at 1:09 pm


    I was just taking a break from my usual racial terms; “pinks” and “goldens” will be back soon, I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

  10. I’m not an exclusive Asian-dater but I admit I have a pretty strong preference.

    4a.) Asian women tend to have less abrasive personalities. Some people mis-interpret this as submissiveness, but it’s really just not being loud and obnoxious and inappropriately demanding.

    4b.) Most Asians are raised in strong families and still believe in traditional gender roles, which is a good thing in my book. (religious Westerners qualify too, but I’m an atheist so that option is limited!)

    5.) Selection bias – if you are in the US, you are only exposed to the cream of the crop, since it is so difficult to get here. If you prefer dating “successful” people (whether that means education or money or whatever) then you are going to end up with Asians disproportionally more than other ethnicities, just because the population of Asian immigrants is self-selected.

    6.) I’m not really comfortable in the Western dating scene – but if I can turn it into more of an intellectual challenge by having to speak Chinese, it takes my mind off the awkwardness. (others use alcohol for the same effect, but I don’t drink…).

    (ok and a little bit of 1. too πŸ™‚

  11. Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night CaptainEO.

  12. While I do find many Asian women to be quite attractive, I am atypical for western guys here in that I do not date them. I guess I really really love a nice big [posterior] and some curves.

  13. I’m with Rob

    ~ “I like big butts and I cannot lie you other brothers can’t deny”

    Hmmm something to ponder, can one be considered to have an Asian fetish if one is himself an Asian? Though come to think of it, an Asian fetish isn’t the worst possible scenario, you could be like me and have a naked lady fetish. That has caused me no small amount of grief let me tell you.

  14. I think that Asian women are becoming the canon for beauty all over the world, not only among us (laowai in Asia). Maybe is only my impression, but I think that Western hot-sex-symbols are becoming more and more similar to Asian women (like Angelina Jolie, who could be Vietnamese with a little smaller eyes). The half Western-half Asian girls are rocking the porn and erotic magazines, as well.

  15. I think I dated as many western girls in china as chinese. Why would I date or not date somebody because of their race? Date where you are planted. As far as standards of beauty of go…it’s all beautiful…from Kenya to Sweden to China to Brazil…to even East Lansing.

  16. doom, east lansing has nothing on the fine city of gary, indiana. have you been there? because you really need to broaden your scope outside of the greater michigan area. i believe the beach boys even mentioned gary in their hit song “california girls.”

    but seriously, i think dating a certain race is gay. isnt it supposed to be about the personality? moreover, about similar lifestyles and goals? think of the wealth of potential mates you are cancelling out by only dating one race.

    frankly, i think captain eo made some very good points about why a lot of western men do it. they dont want to admit it, but i think its pretty valid. a lot of asian women are more traditional/subserivent, a lot of asian women dont seem to care what a laowai looks like or how old he is or how poor his social skills.

    and before we start, i am by no means saying ALL laowai or ALL asian women. but man, ive seen some hotties over there with some real tosser laowais.

  17. OK, I was going to ignore this thread, but Shutty charmed me into throwing in my 2 cents.

    I may have a Chinese girlfriend, but I find any girl who can be described as subservient/docile/traditional utterly unattractive. I can’t respect a girl like that.

    Is it just me?

  18. pas-

    wasnt trying to entice and i certainly wasnt referring to you or your bird. i dont think ive ever met her. its a sensitive issue and like i said, its one i dont expect alot of people to run up and publicly admit.

  19. shutty,

    Don’t worry, I didn’t interpret your comment that way.

    You’re right though… have you ever heard a guy admit, “I like subservient girls”??

  20. well, i can tell you pas, my ex certainly wanted a subservient girl. we had arguments about that very issue. he admitted it to me and wanted to know why i couldnt be like that, but he would never admit it to anyone else.

  21. from personal experience, the men
    who approached me and exclusively
    “dated” asians were “really into asian
    women”. as in can i get my penis
    in you. now that’s hot!!!


    it’s the fetishist guys that give
    this interriacial pairing a bad name.

    and as for subsurvient asian femmes.
    it can be cultural but it is definitely
    a stereotype.
    i personally do not have any
    asian femme friends who fit
    that description.

    quite the opposite, in fact.

    • cyn,

      If you’re a straight guy, don’t use the word ‘femme’ to describe feminine women. Femme is used exclusively to describe feminine lesbians and feminine gay men. We feminine Chinese lesbians don’t care for any guy, white or Asian.

  22. Da Xiangchang Says: December 15, 2005 at 3:47 am

    I like subservient girls just like I like self-confident girls. Really depends on my mood for that day, month, year. When I’m in an insecure mood, I like to get a subservient girl. If I’m in a confident mood, I’d like a self-confident girl. Hopefully, in the future, I will always want a self-confident girl cuz there’s no way I’ll feel passion for a subservient girl. I’ll start thinking, If I am such a great guy, why can’t I get a more confident girl? Me being with a subservient girl will thus eat away at my self-esteem.

  23. Doom, are you a fellow Michiganian?

  24. sonagi, are you a fellow midwesterner? no wonder we get on so well! why i spent many a drunken night in michigan at lake parties. im from the fort. fort wayne, indiana that is. the capital of suck. where are you from??

  25. when i was in college, my group that i spent the most time w/ and considered “family” was mostly male (and they really were family to each other — most of the group were cousins). “my boys” used to have complementary labels for each of the major ethnic groups. i’d list them all, but i’m currently drawing a blank. i do remember “asian angels”, though. they didn’t descriminate — they appreciated beauty in whatever (female) form.

  26. dxc, good luck with any girl!

  27. Da Xiangchang Says: December 15, 2005 at 3:50 pm


    Ohhh, I’ve done okay for myself. πŸ˜‰

  28. As a Western woman in China, I can say that this very issue wreaks havoc on the self esteem of many Western women. Often, we come to China and find ourselves feeling comparatively unwanted or unattractive. Our battle cry has become: What’s wrong with curves?! (and no, we’re not overweight, fat, or chubby)

  29. I’m not from Michigan, but I used to date a girl from Auburn Hills. I took a leak in Flint one time…nice facilities.

    Bai Xue, curves are a good thing.

  30. Shutty, I could have waved to you if you were in East Lansing yesterday, because I went past twice on I-96.

  31. I am a repatriated Midwesterner, originally from Michigan, now discovering the joys of prairie life in central Illinois. Northern Indiana does suck, just like central Illinois, but the forested hills of southern Indiana are pretty. I drove four hours just to see them on my annual fall foliage trip. Pretty sad when I have to drive to Indiana to see pleasant natural scenery.

  32. yeah, i went to i.u. so i was pretty spoiled with good scenery. brown county and lake monroe, all very picturesque. hell, im trying to go back to grad school at i.u. maybe on your next fall trip, we can hook up!

  33. If you make it back to Indiana, give me a shout.

  34. George Bush Says: January 4, 2006 at 11:17 am

    My take on the issue as to why white guys like asian gals is as follows:

    • They (the girls) are a subject of fetish/exotic
    • Most of them are raised to clean, cook, be dependent, etc instead of being self-centered and independent white girls
    • Their bodies fit what white guys want: thin, small, delicate
    • They don’t have a lot of body hair
    • They don’t have strong body odor
  35. George Bush,

    I have to disagree with you big time on most of your points. My wife is Taiwanese and she is definitely not dependent. I’m a stay at home dad and she is currently the bread winner. Unfortunately she can’t cook, clean, or do laundry very well. She is petite with curves. And I believe most asians don’t have body odor is because their bodies don’t produce the bacteria that causes BO.

  36. im totally confused about the last two comments. no body odor? ever been on the mainland? because my students stunk up a storm, and so did the local people. bo is bo people, its not race-related!

    and no body hair? im so confused by all of this. when i was in hangzhou, i bought a magazine that said it was local art and turned out to be the chinese playboy. they may not have armhair, but believe you/me, it was made up for in other ways. also, i taught in a more rural community and none of my students shaved their armpits. definitely hairy.

    and george bush, im not sure that independant is synonomous with “self centered.” clearly, you are into the dependant type!

  37. Da Xiangchang Says: January 6, 2006 at 10:09 am

    George Bush,

    Interesting comments. But I have to disagree with most of your observations:

    1.) They (the girls) are a subject of fetish/exotic

    Definitely true.

    2.) Most of them are raised to clean, cook, be dependent, etc instead of being self-centered and independent white girls

    It’s not that “white girls” are more independent and self-centered than Chinese girls but rather they have more STATUS, thus making it harder for pink guys to get them. Pink guys feel more confident around Chinese girls because the Chinese girls are much poorer–i.e., have a lot less status–than they are.

    3.) Their bodies fit what white guys want: thin, small, delicate

    Maybe, but a lot of pink girls have these bodies too. It’s just that, given their status, the average pink guy can’t get them.

    4.) They don’t have a lot of body hair

    Maybe, maybe not, but I seriously doubt this is a consideration at all for most men. Besides, most Chinese women don’t shave, thus they’re hairier, on average, than most Western women (unless the woman’s French!).

    5.) They don’t have strong body odor

    Ridiculous statement. It’s about showers, not natural odor.

  38. holy shit. i cant believe im saying this, but i am in complete accord with the dxc. let the apocalypse begin.

  39. Hmm. You two should pair up.

    (Yes, yes, I’m giving in to my Asian proclivity to play matchmaker).


    1. Agree with DXC.

    2. Agree with DXC. Can’t say about Japanese, but any guy who thinks your average Chinese gal is subservient and dependent by choice is indulging in his little dream fantasy just a bit too much.

    3. Agree with DXC.

    4. Agree with DXC, though I also want to make the comment that the Japanese are a damn hairy race (and the girls over there don’t shave/wax as much as white girls). Thais, on the other hand, seem to have less body hair.

    5. Actually, it does seem to be the case that, all else being equal (everyone showers at the same rate), white folks do smell more than East Asians. Then again, it may just be because white folks are also bigger/heftier/fatter on average, so there’s more sweating going on and more folds of skin for all that smell-creating bacteria to gather. Control for fatness, and there might not be a difference.

  40. East Lansing Resident Says: January 6, 2006 at 7:28 pm

    I love Asian women. I would not describe it as a fetish. I would better say preference. I’m a Puerto Rican with dark brown skin who looks somewhat black but with straight hair. I’ve dated white, black, cuban and I have got to tell you all that Asian is the race of choice for me.

  41. Ha, I’ll through this spanner in – most Chinese girls i’ve met are anything but subservient. In fact, when I go out with my friends and colleagues and they bring along their Chinese girlfriends or wifes I thank the lord I’m married to a ‘Western’ gal. Most (not all) Chinese girls under 35 that I meet are immature, foot-stomping, whining, spoiled little princesses who spit the dummy out at the slightest little thing. They way some of my Chinese friends are treated by their g/f’s and wifes is grounds for divorce anywhere else – but they put up with it. Mainly because of the gender imbalance (about 1.07m:1f) and girls know they can literally pick and choose.

    AIMHO – and 10 years from now rape in China will be an epidemic.

  42. Just passing through. Says: January 30, 2006 at 3:10 am

    I’ve been working in China for the last year and as such have met a lot of chinese people (Well duh) and there is a very distinct difference between Chinese women in China and Chinese women in Western countries. As was mentioned earlier Chinese women who grow up and live in China have very strong traditional and moral values. Can at times be extremely shy especially around the foreigner and more often than not have something more interesting to talk about than shoes or if their designer top matches their designer skirt. They still like their expensive items but who doesn’t. Meanwhile the China girl is the west is obsessed with money and clothes and money and jewellery and money and…well you get the point. And more often than not seem quite happy to shag anyone who seems to have a fat enough wallet. They seem to inherit all the crappy qualities western society breeds.

    Dating an asian woman (though I can only speak from a chinese perspective) based on looks is somewhat of a pointless waste of time. If you like someone and she happens to be asian, fair enough. If you like people who live a certain lifestyle, and that is found mainly in an asian country, fair enough.

    I have been with my chinese girlfriend for nearly a year and find our discussions more involved and longer lasting, our interests far broader and yes even our sex life better than I have experienced with a western woman. But that is because of the life she has led in china, how she was raised and the effect a given country has on a populous. Should a western woman have had the same life but simply be white instead then I have no doubt I would be just as happy. Wo hen gaoxing πŸ™‚

  43. Gee, thanks for the helpful stereotypes. Now I know how to tell a Chinese girl apart from an ABC one. Not that they might be offensive or anything.

    Seriously, there’s a huge difference between women in China as well (as well as between Chinese-Americans). I can assure you that 90% of the native-born Shanghainese girls will not have the same view on materialism, traditionalism, morals, or foreigners as 90% of the girls growing up in rural areas of Shaanxi. You can say the same about different subsegments of ABC’s too.

    I assume that you’re able to make the distinction between, say, an Iowa farm girl and a Manhattan socialite (or do you say stuff like “white American girls who live in the US are moral and traditional; white American girls who live abroad are materialistic sluts” as well?)

  44. I’m an asian female from a much less impoverished part of far east, and have always seen, with amazement, those westerners on the street who are here for nothing other than little asian girls. Those so obviously stand out, from the regular expats or tourists who are here for business or some random reasons, eagerly searching for asians and cowardly avoiding oh-so-intimidating white women. I used to think yick, till I went to China where those little western men as well exist, only in their 60’s instead of 20’s/30’s!!Suddenly I understand why China’s in such hurry to get out of poverty…gee please do rescue those poor chinese women by all means.

  45. hi everyone ,i am from China , and reading what u guys wrote there is very interesting , whether it is right or wrong , it is how you think , me as an asian woman , i feel like now women in China has very different value than before … girls r more open minded , and they work , they do thing just like what the women do in ur country …….. not too much submissive…at least i am not lol , what else? as sex is involved, we human beings all like sex lol , what else? i think internet just put all sorts of people together to make the difference smaller and smaller … as skin is concerned , i think most asians have finner skin , smooth and soft …. nice figures too , not too much body hair …women can be sexier if they are taught how ……lol . a lot of times in the past people do not talk sex that much , now it is somewhat a sort of acceptable topic … so people do things to improve their sex life quality ……what else , more and more girls driving in China than it used to ….younger generation will be more westernlized ….so what else you want to know please ask i will try to answer you! cooking , washing that sort of stuff used to be virtuels for Chinese women , but now seems a lot of girls just do not like cooking , or that sort of stuff . . guess it is ok . man and woman r eaqual …… what else i am searching my mind , let’s see . but there r a lot good women too , they r very nice , very caring , very hard working like me lolbetter do my ads on ebay hehehe , kidding πŸ™‚ ………. so guys good luck for looking for ur right person whether it is asian or some other races , love no boundary…….. go for it πŸ™‚

  46. I’d like to date every race or even just hang out and learn what they are about and their way of life. Life is too short to be closed minded or form permanent opinions about an entire culture or race based on 1 or 2 experiences. Worse yet is I know many people who form opinions based on nothing except what they may have “heard” or assume certain things about a person based on what some one else believes.

    I am guilty of forming opinions based on no facts as I am originally from northern Michigan and really had little exposure to variation growing up. I also have dated a few Asian women but it had more to do with the fact I am attracted to brunettes with tanned skin and a genuine smile more than anything else.

    It seems unhealthy to me to just focus on one culture since that would make it seem as though the person already has certain beliefs and expectations from a person they haven’t even met.

    I still am shallow enough to need a “spark” of some kind before becoming interested but now that spark can be something simple or small that others probably don’t even notice. All looks fade and people may change, for me it’s the little things that will always put a smile on my face.

  47. I’m an Asian female living in the U.S. Frankly, I don’t find White or Black men attractive. Also, I’m very independent, highly educated (graduate degree) and opinionated. I learned to cook only when I moved to the U.S. because my family can’t afford a house maid in the good old U.S. of A.

    I’ve received plenty of negative racial comments by white/black men such as “me love you long time” or “how much for ten dollars?” I find this insulting and degrading. Based upon my experiences, it’s no wonder I find white/black men disgusting.

  48. I believe that all the stereotypes about asian women were made up by asian men to simply make asian women feel like white men only want them for this reason so the asian women will stay away from white men but the attraction to the curiousity about asian women is simply that an attraction or curiousity it is that simple if we really look at posts like this you will realize one thing these posts are an attempt to make asian women feel bad about dating white men and make white men feel uncomfortable about dating asian women and we will stay away from each other also why is it that if a white man dates an asian woman he has some sort of fever or fetish no one says this about any other race of males that date asian women can anyone tell me why now i dont want to get to deep for you people but it seems to me that the only time anyone has a problem with an interracial relationship it is only when the male is white ok now we are getting somewhere oh and by the way i am married to a korean woman and she approached me and got me hooked i never been with or had an interest in asian women until i met her and yes i am white and my wife looked this up and showed me this only because i told her i did not believe that there were sites on the internet about this you should all be ashamed of yourselves i lost a 20$ bet thanks you racist assholes.

  49. hello.

    i would just like to say i am Caucasian 19 and live in the uk I find east asian women attractive mainly because of the facial features

    but the asian women here in the uk rarely seem to be as described numerous times by a lot of you as being traditional in there values when it comes to dating and sex. This does put me off the asian girls here though I am always willing to give any a chance.

    I personally as well as being pulled towards eastern Asian girls because of there way of thinking am also pushed away from western girls for the same reason.
    Western girls are (and this is of course generalized) slutty and intimidating as a lot of them have had lots of sexual partners.
    This whole issue is not about sex but it does play a part in it.

    Asian girls (again generalizing) seem to adopt the values of the places they are brought up in. so a Chinese girl born in the uk for example is more likely to feel the same way about things then a British girl which is why I get turned off because for me it is as much there way of thinking then there beauty.

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