Sweet Tomato Juice

There’s this brand of Chinese juice called 味全每日. The brand’s juice (and it actually is juice, instead of flavored water) is pretty good… with one exception. The tomato juice is sweet. At first I just thought that this is one of those little cultural differences I would get used to. I got used to sweet popcorn instead of salty popcorn, and I even like the stuff now. But no, there are some things you have to just declare vile and never look back. For me, sweet tomato juice is one of those things.

Sweet Tomato Juice

As long as I’m mentioning 味全每日 juice, I should mention another thing. This brand’s juice bottles have a special status here in China, especially among students. In the winter, when everyone is drinking boiling hot liquids nonstop all day long, many drinking containers are required, sometimes of the disposable (or at least extremely cheap) variety. You can’t use a regular plastic water bottle for that, because they crumple and shrivel when boiling water hits them. 味全每日 bottles, however, are nice — thick and sturdy. They hold even boiling water. Thus they can hold your hot drink, and simulataneously keep your hands warm without burning them (the plastic is just the right thickness). These bottles are the makeshift thermos/hand warmer of choice.

There’s only one problem. The inside of the bottle opening is quite rough. I find drinking from these bottles rather uncomfortable on my lips. Chinese friends don’t agree, though. Apparently I have wussy white man lips.

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John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Ok, as a tomato juice lover, is anyone aware of a brand that is closer to what we have in North America? I have tried a few and have been seriously dissapointed thus far. Sort of like the first time you had “orange juice”, which turned out to be sugar water, with added pulp.

    From breakfast to Bloody Marys, or a combination of the two, I need my TJ.

  2. Tomato juice is gross. I just now got to where I like tomato soup. Strange, b/c my heritage is Sicilian, and there’s nothing I love more than tomato sauce and pasta.

  3. same thing with me
    (Although i grew up in Belgium)

  4. This brand is the best that I’ve tried so far although I suspect they do the same let’s-add-a-bit-of-sugar for their ‘grape juice’.

    TJ is a no-no, for me. Italian is so great, why bother?

    One thing I’ve been wondering for quite a while now, what do you think about the standard practice here of putting hot food/drink into a plastic container? Isn’t that very dangerous?

  5. You have wussy lips. Mine do just fine with this same company’s orange, grape, and grapefruit lines.

  6. Manly Lips Carl,

    Try the tomato juice and report back to me.

  7. I like tomato juice that has a distinct vodka, pepper and celery taste.

  8. That reminds me of when I was at Shida a couple of semesters ago. Poor me. I had no idea. I love V8, and on one hot day I saw some tomato juice in the vending machine on the 8th floor… I popped off the top and started chugging it. I had no idea people would even consider sweetening tomato juice. I should have considering they sweeten nearly everything else, including “bread”, but no. I had to learn by spewing all over the front of the vending machine and into the trash can next to it as I literally choked on my tomato juice “surprise”. I was popular that day.

  9. 观察的好仔细啊.

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