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When was the last time you heard that a blog is an “online diary?” The inaccuracy of such a narrow definition is becoming more and more apparent. Blogs are getting so specialized it’s sometimes surprising. Recently the China Blog List received a submission for a blog called USA and Chinese Nurses. In the first post is a description of the purpose of the blog:

> My name is Mary Jane Evans and I am a Nursing author and instructor in the US who has travelled extensively in China. While in China on a lecture tour, I met many nurses at Universities who wanted information on the realities of emigrating to the US for employment. My experiences left me to wonder how I might help .

> My answer is one nurse at a time, through blogging and direct communication with as many nurses as possible. A former Assistant Director of a 900 bed Hospital in the US, it is my wish to repay the kindness of so many Chinese nurses toward me by devoting some of my time each day to you.

There are only two posts so far, entitled Will they make me mop floors? and US Nurses and the Legal System. You can indirectly learn about China through the site by discovering what questions Chinese nurses have, and the comparisons that Mary makes between Chinese and American systems.

Now the question I have to answer is: is this blog a candidate for the CBL? I’m leaning towards no, because as stated on the CBL help page, blogs listed must be “mainly about China.” This one is about nursing, with a Chinese audience.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Spanish blogger Says: January 6, 2006 at 8:07 pm

    Speaking about CBL, I have to say that now the Non-English blogs are also classified by “hottest”, “newest” and “random”, so, more fun for the French, Spanish, German, etc blogs!

    Also, point out that in the “hottest” section, 7 on 10 blogs are in Spanish. ¡Somos un lenguaje internacional, sí señor!

  2. Spanish blogger,

    Thanks for noticing! You can show your support by linking to the non-English CBL page on your blog.

  3. Curse you John for raising my hopes to no avail. This is a clear cut case of false advertising. I was expecting something titillating or perhaps even a tad risque from your title. On the other hand, I was deeply dissappointed in the fact that the rest of the post had little to do with hot sexy Chinese nurses and was focused on yackety yack.

    I’m sure I am not the only. Perverts of the Blogosphere, Unite!

  4. Jing,


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