Wanted: Good Chinese Podcasts

I’d like to find some good Chinese podcasts. I don’t mean podcasts for studying Chinese, I mean podcasts in Chinese, intended for a Chinese audience. Interesting podcasts. The only problem is I don’t have a lot of time to search and then listen to all those podcasts. So I asked around a bit.

As it turns out, CSL blogger extraordinaire Alaric listens to a few Chinese podcasts. These are the ones he listens to:

有一说二 (Roddy also likes this one)
反波 (Antiwave)
Princess Remy

As was pointed out on Chinese Forums as well, Alaric mentioned that the 2005 Chinese Podcast Awards Results are a good place to start looking.

Any other recommendations? Anyone?


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. There’s lots of RFA podcasts on iTunes. Made in America, but everyone it is intended for the Chinese audience. I think there’s about 9 different shows on there.

  2. I like 反波 (Antiwave) too. It has some witty stuff every now and then.

  3. If you’ve got a good proxy, the VOA does MP3 Chinese-language newscasts. I used to listen to them in the States; they’re fairly free of propaganda, and are a nice mixture of standard Mandarin and tolerable Taiwanese Mandarin.

  4. Disclosure, Brendan 🙂 BBC’s Chinese newscasts are decent, too, and unblocked.

    AntiWave is good unless they’re trying to be funny, and then it’s just painful – i.e. stay away from the Joke category. 有一说二 sounds like a typical radio talk show minus the girl’s voice. There’s also 老罗语录, technically not a podcast, but there are around 100 mp3s available on both the web and P2P – a 新东方 test instructor goes off on tangents about celebrities and society in general.

  5. It’s a nice ‘radio’ show. The production quality is high, actually mixed better I think than Cpod. Aric needs to take it up a notch. The background music is current, R&B, c-pop, but the caster’s voice still comes thru very crisp and clear. The background music is probably too loud/interfering for many Cpod listeners though. I think it’s a good opportunity to hear ‘interesting’ Chinese with ‘good’ music, not just some stringing on classical Chinese instruments.


  6. Deutchavella (not sure if I spelled that right) has an hour long news broadcast in Chinese that I like listening to. I found it on Itunes

  7. How do you not have our podcast here? You have been missing out.
    anyway, here it is a few years later. actually we started a few months after you posted this. not sure if you still check this.
    search itunes for america vs taiwan.

  8. I am so sad that BBC Chinese is no more! I was a pretty avid listener and now it is gone and I am searching for a replacement, but who can replace the level of coverage (of the BBC after all), the great interviews, and so on.

    What to do what to do

  9. There is a very interesting and popular Chinese podcast targets teenager students called 青春愛消遣
    The two DJs are college students in Taiwan, they talk about funny news, school life, movies, and some topics that are closer to teenagers in an amusing way!

    It’s for native Chinese speakers so you can really enjoy the authentic Chinese chatting. And I think it’s one of the funniest Chinese podcast out there!

    English introduction

    青春愛消遣’s Website

  10. If your Chinese is good enough to read novels, download the 《一个人的书房》podcast on itunes. You may have to switch to the China itunes store to find it. Apolitical and interesting. Great for improving your listening and speaking skills.

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