ChinesePod Likes Coffee

ChinesePod seriously likes coffee. Since ChinesePod HQ is just down the street from Shanghai’s pseudo-historic, gloriously capitalist Xintiandi, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf there has been chosen for ChinesePod’s first ever “Mandarin Clinic” (I asked, and sorry, no, there are no nurses involved). It’s this Saturday (July 15) from 1pm to 4pm. I’ll be there helping out if you want to come heckle me.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. What day? Maybe I can make it.

  2. Tim P,

    Oops, yeah, I guess that’s a relevant detail. I edited the entry to include the date.

  3. See you there! I’ll bring a couple of friends as well.

  4. Sorry there won’t be any nurses, John. I’ll try to get my gloriously histortic self over there, though.

    And you’re right about the coffee thing. Those CPod people all worship the stuff. Some of them even mix it with Red Bull so they don’t have to sleep at night. The effects will be plain for all to see on Saturday.

  5. Does one get to meet Jennie, Ken, Aggie, Aric, John, and the rest of the crew? Aggie’s got such a cute voice.

    John, have you made it onto CCTV 9 yet?

  6. Sounds fun – are you guys planning to make it a regular thing?

  7. Andy,

    Ken couldn’t make it and Aggie is in Australia right now, but Jenny and the rest of the crew was there.

    I’ve been on a CCTV show called Travelogue. IS that CCTV 9? I don’t even know…

  8. Brendan,

    It was pretty cool. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s pesto chicken salad mini sandwiches were awesome (and free for all!). I’m not sure if it’s going to be a regular thing, but maybe semi-regular?

  9. […] Yesterday afternoon my wife and I ventured down to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Xintiandi to check out the ChinesePod “Mandarin Clinic.” I’m not sure where the “clinic” part of the event’s title came from, as it seemed there was not a lot of instruction going on, but the location had some good foot traffic (I hadn’t been to Xintiandi in a while, and sweet zombie Jesus were there a lot of foreigners!) and I’m sure that ChinesePod introduced themselves to quite a few new customers. […]

  10. Excellent John,

    Travelogue is on CCTV 9, do you know which episode? I’ve been watching some program on CCTV-9 on demand and live…. lately…. and CCTV-4. I will keep an eye out for you.

  11. Andy,

    It’s an episode on Xitang, a small town in Zhejiang Province. The episode really wasn’t anything special, but I had a really good time filming it. The director was a lot of fun.

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