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For many, Brendan O’Kane is one of the most beloved China bloggers. It was distressing, then, to see his blog go for months unupdated. It looks like those days are over. The site is looking a bit plainer than it used to, and it’s not even blue and orange, but I think maybe that’s just temporary.

Brendan also writes an amazing Chinese blog.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I’ve just read his Chinese blog and it is indeed amazing. I liked the answer to THE question on “你的英语怎么那么糟糕”.

  2. It’s good to see him updating again. I like the minimalist format, too.

  3. Yeah – the look is temporary while I figure out how to make WordPress templates do what I want.  Stay tuned…

  4. Also, if anyone has any experience in migrating sites, I’d be glad to hear it. WordPress permalink format differs from MovableType’s, and so all links to my old posts are currently broken. I saw a few ‘howtos’ for doing redirects, but nothing that struck me as anything I’d like to give my day over to doing.

  5. yep, plainer, but easier to read. the former background was a little bit dazzling… 😛

    Brendan, thats a cool T-shirt!! ^^

  6. I am much moved by your thoughts not the language actually, Brendan.
    hehe, yup, eway, i saw the T-Shirt too. ^^

  7. eway – you never saw the full-on blue and orange design. I intended it specifically to hurt the reader. The old orange-on-grey was mild by comparison, trust me!

    kastner – Thanks – I appreciate it. The thoughts are there in any language; I’m just working on bringing my Chinese up to speed with them.

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