Language Podcast Roundup

Hank from ChinesePod has written a Language Podcast Survey, presenting the biggest players in the world of language learning by podcast. ChinesePod is #1 in terms of total number of podcasts (300+), but JapanesePod101 is not far behind. There are also four other podcasts for learning Chinese in his list, as well as one for Tibetan!

If you’re interested in language learning, be sure to check it out.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Cute.

    Regarding CHINESEPOD. Is there ANY review online that actually reviews the content like grammar, pronunciation etc. and not the “idea” or user interface?

  2. Any clue why he left out all of the ESL podcasts?

  3. Moose,

    Not that I know of. I think the whole point is that it’s totally unlike other approaches, so it’s not easy to compare it directly.

  4. Mark,

    I’m not sure… why not leave a question on Hank’s blog?

  5. John,

    1. For sure it’s not “totally unlike…”.
    2. What has that got to do with checking if the sentences in the examples are grammaticly correct? or the tones and pronunciation in the podcast (not right/wrong but some relevant information about them) etc.
  6. Moose, wouldn’t it be kinda hard for Chinese Pod users to review that kind of stuff? I mean, most foreign language learners aren’t really in a position to judge their teachers’ language skills. Also, I’d say that while there’s nothing new about the idea of fun and easy dialogues, Chinese Pod is the first gi-normous archive of free .mp3 files I’ve ever run across.

  7. Mark, I agree on both points (althgouh some universities have for free: complete texts for all leverl, including sounds, grammar examples, vocab etc. but for sure not with the convinience of Chinese pod. The most unique aspect of CP is without a doubt the marketing and PR. The owner is a magician.)

    Now, you can easily get some outside review, no?

  8. wow John 6.5 years in China! That point at my life in China was in 1990. Now, I’m going on 20 years…我到六年的时候才开始发现到语言方面的文化差异包括思维和价值观的差异。一想就像好像很久。。。

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