Papers, New Classes, and Friends

Recent events:

– Saturday, Sept. 2, I stayed home and wrote a 4,000 character paper for a class.
– Sunday, Sept. 3, I stayed home and wrote a 4,000 character paper for another class.
– Monday and Tuesday nights, Sept. 4-5, I worked on a 3,000 character paper for still another class.
– Wednesday night, Sept. 6, Pepe helped me clean up my papers. Alf showed up.
– Thursday, Sept. 7, I turned in my three papers and attended my two new classes for the semester: Semantics and Pragmatics and Critical Discourse Analysis.
– Friday, Sept. 8, I went to meet Greg at the airport with Alf and John B.
– Saturday, Sept. 9, I went to meet my friend Nobuhiko at the airport.


– Procrastination is bad. I know this. Sort of.
– Not much beats seeing good friends again. Especially over hot pot and beer.
– A new semester is here already, and I still have a list of linguistic topics I meant to blog about over the summer. (Does anyone enjoy the linguisticky posts?)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I do!


  2. Me too!

  3. The best stuff is the linguisticky stuff!

  4. More linguisticky posts! (especially the social psychology of linguistics (has chinglish been beaten to death?))

  5. I do too.

    Workload-wise, how does a 4000 character paper translate into words? Around 2000?

  6. Sidney Rittenberg, maybe?

  7. I really like the linguistics posts, although some of them go over my intro-to-Chinese head.

  8. Wow, you like the linguisticky stuff. I do too, it’s just more work to write up. That’s cool though.


    I’m not sure how many English words 4,000 characters translates to, but it’s 5-6 pages long.

  9. Dude, definitely stick with the linguistics stuff. What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t write about whatever you want?

    (And when you’re writing about stuff that interests you and making other people feel dumb at the same time? Jackpot.)

  10. parasitius (Justin) Says: September 12, 2006 at 2:31 pm

    More more more. It’s even better than porn.

  11. More linguistics, definitely. I’d ask for fewer workload reports, though – these bring back unpleasant memories of all-nighters pulled at the beginning of semesters cranking out term papers. [shudder]

  12. zhwj,

    Awesome, that’s just the effect I was shooting for.

  13. Less linguistics, more on spitting, Chinabounder, Taiwanese independence, etc.

  14. I’m with Jeff, you need more sinoblingesque posts!

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