Democracy Invented in China

Long Legged Fly is at it again with his Onion-style articles. (This has been done before, most notably by the not-updated-since-2006, but I especially like the ones that Long Legged Fly chooses to write.) This time it’s CHINA DISCOVERS DEMOCRACY ACTUALLY INVENTED IN CHINA.

An excerpt:

> As with their invention of the modern game of soccer, the probability that two different civilizations could separately invent such dauntingly complex things as voting or kicking a ball around is so small as to be almost impossible. “The only likely conclusion,” says Professor Wang, “is that these things, like pretty much everything in the world, were invented in China, and spread to the West through trade routes or magic.”



John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Next up, Irrefutable evidence that chopstick users are smarterbetter than you, Area woman uses facial creams to achieve pure whiteness, and Why that 23rd layer of clothing under your ski jacket is necessary.

  2. It’s a good thing I’m in the moderation queue. It looks like I missed a closing tag, there.

  3. I have been watching some Tai Chi classes lately and I can verify first-hand that ballroom dancing, the cha-cha, fencing and break-dancing all originated in China. This has also been the subject of a research paper by my friend Professor Emeritus Zhang at Beijing Second Adjunct Normal Social History University.

  4. i highly dought that magic its self was once real. the relm of magic for a childhood dream. its just a trick not acctually true. its jsut the trick of the eye.

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