A Guide to Chinese Firefox Menus

Bazza, a ChinesePod user notorious for his online study diligence, recently posted a really cool note: A Guide to Chinese Firefox Menus.

Here’s a sample:

Firefox menus: English and Chinese

This is really useful for people like me who use both English and Chinese versions of the software regularly. Typically the situation is that I can use the software, but I can never remember what the various functions and features are called in Chinese. A post like this makes it a lot easier to actually learn them.

Well done, Bazza. (Originally posted on the ChinesePod Forum.)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. 你的网站真不错,看了你的一些游记,非常羡慕你的学识和经历。
    我在业余时间也会关注互联网营销,发现你在这方面做得非常不错。我注意到网站上有chinesePod的会员推广计划(Affiliate Program)链接,但是遗憾的是点击进去,已经是找不到页面了。
    在chinesePod V2的时候还有这个计划,但是好像不能允许新用户注册。实际上,在中国,采用会员推广计划的网站并不多。非常遗憾,因为我觉得ChinesePod是一项很好的中文学习服务,借助cj.com或clickbank.com,会获得更多的推广机会和让更多想学习中文的外国朋友受益。

  2. I always get bothered by how many different Chinese versions there are of some softwares (among other things). There is of course the Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland differences, but manily I’m speaking about just the many different versions in the mainland. Part of that’s because of piracy, but it just seems there’s too little uniformity and that hurts my brain.

  3. Why does “new download” not get a translation?

  4. I set Maxthon browser as my default browser,firefox is good,but in china,about more than 60% ppl use maxthon.it also has the english,chinese version.

  5. Ray,

    Huh? 60% of Chinese use the Maxthon browser? Do you mean 60% of the 0.1% that don’t use IE, or 60% of all Chinese web users? Because the latter is almost certainly not even close to true.

  6. if i’m not wrong, there’s an add-on called Quick Locale Switcher which provides multilingual menu?

  7. Hah, just found user now can edit his/her comment, what a feature !!! Thanks John 😉

    @ John B,

    Maxthon is a IE core-based browser, in that way, website can simply regard it as IE anyway, and i guess Ray means 60% browser users in China, means Maxthon takes 60%, IE takes like 20% and 10% firefox & others’? huh? could be?

  8. Thanks for the guide. Hopefully, more Chinese people will join in the fight to rid the world of Microsoft. Most Chinese I associate with on a regular basis refuse to accept that there are browsers other than IE in existence.

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