Access Flickr in the PRC

There’s a new addon for Firefox that gets around the recent Flickr block. Apparently all it affects is Flickr photos. Get it here:


I’m using it and it works great. The only downside of using this is that I won’t know when Flickr becomes unblocked…


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Already unblocked.

  2. @DGC: Nope.

    @John: Works like a charm.

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  4. […] John over at Sinosplice was nice enough to share Access Flickr!, a little gem of a Firefox plugin that lets all us […]

  5. Wow. Yeah, I noticed this a few days ago. I’m in Kunming, and flickr images were still blocked for me this morning!

    Thanks for the fix!

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  7. @davesgonechina:

    Yeah, it’s not unblocked for us here in Shanghai yet. (Or maybe it’s just ADSL subscribers?)

  8. Thank you!
    Man, I love Mozilla.

  9. Flickr blocked? Woah. Is Zooomr blocked, too?

  10. Yahoo! compromised. Let’s see what gonna happen to Flickr.

  11. Flickr website is not blocked, but the pictures on it are blocked.

    Load up this page and you get broken picture links.

  12. Here at some internet bar in Haila’er I am unable to access that Mozilla addon page. Has that now been blocked too?

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  14. Still blocked here in Wuhan. Addon works great!

  15. Thank You For Guidance… Its Working 100%..

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  17. It is not possible to install this add-on with any recent version of Firefox. Must be an ancient version. The developer has never updated this item, so it is useless for most people.

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