1. But damn, doesn’t it look clean.

  2. Don’t you see? They have a table! That’s LUXURY!

    Not to mention the special safety they enjoy thanks to the fence.

    Great picture!

  3. I’d rather sit floor than stay in that sheepfold!
    and i hope that no kids will run to them, waving a banana. :$

  4. Its good to see the real china, away from the westernised metropilis that is Shang Hai.

  5. John-
    What’s up with your posts all opening up in new windows now? You have definitely been in China too long now.

  6. The point of VIP waiting rooms is that you get to board the train first.

  7. Hey open air seating, air conditioning (oh it’s not on), safety-first fire extinguishers, plush (hard) seating, and exquisite perimeter fencing. Five-star babyyyyy. haha

    (Matt, um yah looks like the train station is overflowing)

  8. The VIP seating area, with facade fake bamboo presentation, at the main Hangzhou train station costs a few RMB (was it 3 or 5 yuan?) and the allowed time of stay is 2 hours. You get big vinyl single seater couches to sit on, and perhaps one less butt or shopping bag in your face. Instead of metal gates to separate the crowds, there are clear polycarbonate walls that stand 7-8 ft. in height. The new Japanese styled bullet trains in service between Shanghai-Hangzhou-Suzhou are all the rage!

  9. You know what would be awesome? If it had a ball room, like the kiddie section at Ikea.

  10. michael Says: June 20, 2007 at 9:30 am

    The sign defines VIPs as HK, Taiwan, Macau and Overseas Chinese, High Officials and Retired Cadres. PRC snobbery.

  11. Ben,

    Posts opening up in new windows?? I don’t follow you… I haven’t changed anything like that…

  12. Peering squintily at the sign over their unfortunate heads…. 港、澳、台胞、海外侨胞,高?、退休干部候车休息堂…… God. But also, ha ha.

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