Some July Links

AB报 ( See the front pages of a slew of Chinese print newspapers. Pretty cool! Definitely worth exploring more.

饭否 ( the Chinese Twitter clone. the Taiwanese Twitter clone. [Twitter]

Sun Tzu’s Art of War: the whole thing in English, plus commentary, plus the ability to link to or comment any individual passage. Now if only it was in Chinese as well….


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. […] And speaking of newspapers, ABBao is a site that archives the front pages of over 100 national newspapers in image form, browsable on the internet. Sounds like a great site to while away a muggy summer morning without having to walk to the newspaper stand. Hopefully they’ll add the Shanghai Daily soon. (Thanks John!) […]

  2. AB报 is a very useful source.
    But since last week some of the newspapers (like the 人民日报) have only extract pages of the full edition. Some other newspapers made only a brief stay on this website (like the 新华日报 and its 2 editions).
    I read mostly the short and easy “sociocultural” articles from 厦门商报 and 今日早报

  3. Thanks, i like ABBAO much !

  4. ABBAO is pretty cool- I think it could be interesting to take a whole slew of Chinese newspaper front pages and cover a XXXL t-shirt with the prints, kinda cheesy ghetto-fabulous. And then have a big icy chain with a spinning medallion with the CBA logo…yeah…

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