1. that’s an OK photo..but not as menacing as my Chinese kid with a gun!

  2. I wonder if those are allowed on airplanes.

  3. No, Dezza, that kid in your unstaged photo looks staged. The kid with the pistols has so much joy and happiness from bustin’ caps with his toy guns, the juxtaposition of innocence, youth and nieveness, with the menacing weapons of small-scale destruction… that’s the magic of the photo.

  4. well, wilson, i have nothing to say if you question my integrity…but yes you are right there is joy in this photo and my photo is more ominous in nature. it’s subjective as to which one people would prefer. this kid is bustin’ caps with his toy guns while the boy I ran into in the Beijing hutong was walking around with his toy shotgun like a sentry guarding his home with a blank expression on his face.

  5. Just a couple of days ago I bought a children’s book similar to the one you wrote about earlier, and also did a short post about it:
    Also some pictures along the same lines at the end of this one:

  6. dezza,

    Your photo is also a great shot. I think Wilson was more critical because you seemed to be disparaging others’ photography while bragging about your own.

    I really love this photo for the same reason Wilson stated: the joy is just magical.

  7. i don’t know if disparaging and bragging are the right words to use here. i was just pointing out the fact that my photo was more menacing which was a tongue in cheek comment. like i said before, photography is subjective like any other art , to each their own.

  8. Ben, do you mean the kid or the gun being allowed on the planes? It would be quieter if both were relegated to the luggare section. 🙂

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