Easter Events

Xujiahui Cathedral

Xujiahui Cathedral

Today was Easter, a good good day to complete the rough draft of my thesis. It came out to about 27,000 characters (40 pages). I still have a bit to add and polish, but the majority of the workload is now off my shoulders. What a relief.

Today Easter mass at Xujiahui Cathedral was packed. My wife and I couldn’t help chuckling at the little Chinese kid behind us, continually pestering his dad with questions:

> What does “hallelujah” mean? Does it mean “I’m awake now?”

> Why did they put out the carpet? It’s not raining today. [In Shanghai you frequently see mats or even broken-down cardboard boxes by the entrances of buildings on rainy days to help collect the water off of people’s feet. In this case, it was a red carpet leading to the altar.]

> What happened to the bishop’s hat? Did someone cut it open? It looks like someone cut it open.

> What’s a prophet? [先知]

Happy Easter!


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Nice picture of the cathedral, John! That little kid was both curious & observant — marks of intellignece. Hope the dad gave him good answers; sounds like he’s in a stage when he’s especially receptive to making sense of what’s going on at church. Those are the best teachable moments! now I have to go watch your wedding CD again, at least the Enya portion — such joyful memories! Congrats on grinding out your thesis. we’ve been praying for you. hope the finishing touches and defense go well too. Love to you both, mom

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