End of Vacation

I’m back from the States with a new visa. I realize now it was a much-needed vacation.

My computer here in Shanghai seems to be infected with a virus (it keeps abruptly shutting off, especially when I use Skype or anti-virus software), so I’m reinstalling Windows today. It’s about time anyway… it’s been almost 2 years on this one install. Still, this kind of thing pushes me one step closer to wanting to buy a Mac.

Anyway, scheduled programming to resume shortly.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Saw your twitter comment regarding internet connectivity. As long as its not an ancient router, you should have no trouble. But nevertheless, write down the configuration of your “Network Settings” for the ethernet or wifi card. Regardless, it’s critical that you with the ethernet cord DISCONNECTED, and connect from behind a firewall to get patched. Some systems have been compromised by bot networks within minutes, before they have time to get the latest patches.

    Good luck.

  2. Still, this kind of thing pushes me one step closer to wanting to buy a Mac.

    I can’t believe you’re more than one step away…

  3. jinsei,

    I installed WinXP SP2, and had no problems reestablishing connection or with reinfection (so far!). Thanks.

  4. John B,

    Well, if Macs were a bit cheaper I’d already be on board, but I never was one for frivolous spending…

  5. You could always try a Linux distribution such as Ubuntu 8! Definately safe from all the virusses that only target Windows!

  6. John, is it really frivolous spending if they last years longer than a Windows machine? I’ve been using my powerbook daily for over six years now and apart from having a battery that lasts only 30 minutes now (which is normal from what I hear), I’ve never had any trouble or needed to spend money on maintenance.

  7. Welcome back to Asia. Is your Windows a Chinese version? Joke…

    I added you to my LINKs Section of http://www.GregPasden.com Maybe people will consider you when looking for Chinese Lessons online.

    I’m here in AK for a few days then off to Osaka followed by Angeles City.

    Take care always…

  8. yay !!! – welcome back !!!

  9. Hey John,
    I’ve just finished reading all your archives…I’m from vancouver and thinking of going to go study mandarin in the north (oh no! the dreaded accent!) and your blog’s been an invaluable resource…thanks! I also thought i’d let you know i stumbled upon this this morning…you’re mentioned in the last paragraph at the end there..have a good one!


  10. Psh, stick with Windows. I’m in the middle of a switch from Leopard to Vista, and the OS disparity definitely isn’t all it is cracked up to be. I’m enjoying my cheaper computer with higher specifications and a longer warranty very much so far, although I probably just jinxed myself somehow. Anyway, hope you enjoyed your vacation!

  11. It was good seeing you. Glad you got back safely. Too bad everyone’s so busy these days, but maybe next time we can get to hang out a bit more.
    Still waiting on eating that coffee gum. I just don’t trust it… or you. 😉

  12. Get Ubuntu, nuff said.
    Free Open Source Software is the only way to go!

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