1. I always thought it would be more fitting to have Deng Xiaoping’s image on the old Gate of Heavenly Peace, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon. By the way, John I hope you’re prepared for the wrath of the 疯轻.

  2. it’s kind of disrespectful to compare someone to Mao Zedong, I wouldn’t do it even to Barrack Obama, whom I don’t like. But no problem, it’s funny.

    Maybe Marco drew inspiration from the wonderful Matthew Diffe’s cartoon.

  3. Why don’t you try putting the picture from the top right corner of your blog in there? Sinosplice 万岁!

  4. I prefer the one with the picture of Christ.

  5. If you’ve been watching John Stewart’s the Daily Show lately, this is two times funny, they always joke about Obama being a messiah figure!

    By the way, has anyone seen the episodes during the Olympics with special reports from China? They were amazingly funny!

  6. The slogans on either side need to be appropriately altered- I’m thinking ‘Blessed are the meek..’ and ‘I am the Way…’ for Jesus, and for Obama.. uh, something about change?

  7. Funny, but scarry funny. Why is it that the people who lived in China and moved here to become citizens of the US are now talking about going back? Says China is becoming more like the US (freedom, Democracy) and the US is becoming more like China! May God help us…

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