So Many Flashcard Apps…

This link was too good to not post: Flashcard apps. I really dig the graphical feature display (just mouse over the icons).

Personally, though, so many choices almost makes me want to ignore all these options altogether. So far, Anki and Pleco are a good combination. I do wonder if these 100+ apps offer anything special, though.

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John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I use and love Pleco, but what is Anki? Is there any reason for me to consider using it, too, if I already use Pleco?

  2. Ugh. That layout is waaaayyyy to fidly. Easier just to surf the itunes app store.

  3. Mental Case is my favorite flashcard app. I’ve used many including, Anki, Flashmybrain, and iFlash. However, Mental Case clearly outshines them all. The interface is well thought out and pleasant to work with. It syncs seamlessly with the Mental Case desktop client. It is very stable and under steady development.
    I was most disappointed with Anki. The programmer clearly has no idea how to develop for iOS devices. Syncing is mediated through their website and the sync does not transfer multimedia without a linked dropbox account to sub-mediate the pictures or video. The price is outrageous considering its shortcomings. When I had issues, I emailed the developer and received no response.


    • I mistakenly commented above that I was not contacted by the developer about an issue I was having with Anki. The developer did post an answer to my questions in their forum.


  4. Same as John here : using only Pleco and Anki. They cover 100% of my needs.


  5. Harland Says: May 15, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Site appears to be blocked…or is it just down?

  6. Am I the only one that finds a good vocab LIST to be better than any amount of flashcards? Easy to carry, review, and is arguably faster than flash cards.

    Just saying.

  7. I use Anki for sentences and Pleco for vocabulary. I’ve used Mental Case as well, but I’ve found it to be buggy.

    I don’t think Ankimobiles’s price ($25) is outrageous. The desktop client is free. The desktop version of Mental Case is $20 and the app is $5.

    Gary also mistakenly wrote:

    “Syncing is mediated through their website and the sync does not transfer multimedia without a linked dropbox account to sub-mediate the pictures or video. “

    You can sync via iTunes if you don’t want to sync via Anki Web. You can also transfer your media via iTunes.

    • I was not mistaken about Anki’s ability to SYNC multimedia. Anki does not and cannot directly SYNC multimedia. Anki DOES sub-mediate any multimedia through a third-party storage company. And that my friend, is bad programming.


      • Dean Swanson Says: May 25, 2011 at 8:27 am

        You don’t need to use Ankiweb or Dropbox to sync multimedia. You can use iTunes instead.

      • That is not syncing. Syncing is pushing a button. That is transferring, and it is a convoluted process.
        Every time a deck is modified with new multimedia, you have to open the Finder, find your new multimedia compress the multimedia, rename the compressed file to match the deck, connect your ipad, open the app section in iTunes, and drag the compressed folder onto the Anki App. Open Anki and import.
        Smooth as butter.

        I am continually updating my decks, and this is why I was so furious about Anki’s misleading advertising which claims iPad decks can be synced with a desktop version. The whole above process shows a lack of forethought in design and implementation.

      • URAHARA Says: July 22, 2011 at 5:58 am

        Why are you not happy with Dropbox sync?
        And as I understand it was done because of the server traffic and storage costs. Not because of the bad programming.

  8. I teach IELTS and English and I’m hoping to get my students to purchase Anki (for those with iphones). It costs a bit of money. In iTunes there are some bad reviews of the ankimobile. Do you have any ideas if it’s better now? I think Anki would be one of the best around – probably wouldn’t waste my time checking out others.

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