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I’ve been wanting to update Sinosplice’s full archives page for a whole now in order to make it… well, fuller. Unfortunately, that meant it was broken for a while. It’s working again, however.

I did something I don’t see often on WordPress sites: I stuck every single blog post all on one page, and added in dates, categories, and tags for good measure. It’s kind of crazy. It makes a simple text search on that page surprisingly effective for a lot of things.

I still need to revise the styles on that page, but it’s working just fine in the meantime.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Thanks for the effort, now I just have to find some time to delve into your posts and find the (unhidden) gems ^-^
    As for the next posts, I’d like to read more about life in Shanghai in these months, of course considering the linguistic part whenever possible… Do you have to use qr codes in order to enter shops and other crowded places, as I’ve read it is the case for Beijing? Considering how European apps have been a failure for contact tracing, it does not seem such a bad idea – unless those who cannot enter cannot rely on some service to be provided for essential goods.

  2. Yes, I read it!

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