Shanghai Bloggercon Revealed!

08 Nov 2005

Just in case your inner geek is the least bit curious about what went down at the Chinese Blogger Conference in Shanghai over the weekend, Micah offers a fairly extensive account.

So yes, I was curious how it went. Did I read Micah’s whole account? Yes. Do I wish I had gone? No. (I had to beat Shadow of the Colossus over the weekend! Man, that is a truly awesome, ground-breaking game.)

I think we can expect another account of the Bloggercon from a different angle out of Chinawhite very soon.

This is a pretty crazy week for me; I may take a short break from blogging. After that, I’ll be tackling some subjects/projects on Sinosplice that I’ve been postponing for a while…


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. So wait. The owner of arguably the most popular Shanghai-based expat personal blog played a video game instead of going to this conference? Haha, says alot.

  2. Carl, it does say a lot … about how intense that Shadow of the Colossus game must be. And it’s not arguable nor is it only Shanghai: Sinosplice is hands down, the most popular China-based English weblog, period.

  3. Note that this was the Chinese Blogger Conference. With an emphasis on the Chinese part. Not that there was hostility against non-Chinese, just a little national pride involved.

    I met an expat from Dalian who is freelancing, down in Shanghai for the conference. I happened to mention that my former co-worker here is also a weblogger and she immediately interjected “Oh, John!”. I don’t think she comments here, but she obviously reads Sinosplice.

  4. Heh… thanks for the compliments, guys, but I find it all kind of ironic, considering what I’ve been posting lately.

  5. I’d just like to agree that Shadow of the Colossus rocks the house. I played it the weekend before last, and I got up for little more than food and trips to the WC during the 13 hours it took to beat it.

    A little disappointed by the final colossus, but it’s the first game I’ve finished since Prince of Persia.


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