Rebecca Wigs: Fake Hair, Real Me

14 Jun 2016

There’s a brand of high-quality wigs in China called Rebecca. The Chinese tagline for these wigs is:



The simple slogan (great for beginners!) sets up a nice contrast between the words (fake) and (real). It doesn’t translate well into English, though, because the word for “wig” in Chinese is 假发, quite literally, “fake hair.” So here are your two most obvious direct translation candidates:

  1. “Fake hair, real me”
  2. “Wig, real me”

Pretty bad. The wigs themselves look pretty gorgeous, though, and Rebecca hired Chinese superstar babe 范冰冰 (Fan Bingbing) is their model:



The Rebecca wigs also occasionally stray into the “slightly less than practical,” apparently:



John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Nice. I’m trying to think of a slogan based on that line from 红楼梦: 假作真时真亦假 …


  2. I guess “Becky with the good hair” was lost in translation.

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