Rooftop Halloween Party

So last Friday was the ZUCC teacher Halloween Party at the “Rooftop Bar”:

Halloween Party 2003

The teachers in the pictures are (l-r, t-b): Greg as “Bleeding Face Scream Character,” Carl as “Steve McQueen,” Chris as “David Carradine,” and then in the bottom row John B as “Infinite Loop” (AKA “Guy Drinking Beer”), one of the Australians (I’m not sure which one that is — they’re both tall!) as “a KKK member ,” Alf as a “Drunken Cowboy,” me as a “Badass Ninja,” and Russell as a “Crazy Space Ape.”

The costumes were all thrown together pretty last minute, so some of them came out surprisingly well. I was very pleased with my ninja costume which I made myself out of a 30 RMB bolt of black cloth (of which I only used half).

The party was a mix of foreign teachers, Chinese students, a few foreign friends, and various Chinese friends. The bar let us take over the rooftop for free (including the sound system), and we were even allowed to bring our own liquor! They still sold way more beers than usual. Only problem was the Chinese friends didn’t mingle very well. I would have thought that there were enough Chinese-speaking foreigners and English-speaking Chinese that everyone would have enough people to talk to. Oh well.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. hey john, do you know of any low cost halloween weekend parties going on in puxi? my roomate and i would love to get out to the city, but there is no way we are going to throw down 200 kuai on cover.
    wilson says hello

  2. Looks FUN!
    This is one of my favorite holidays

    Enjoy the Fun!

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