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I made an erroneous assumption regarding “Muzimei” in my recent post about having a cold. Rainbow called me on it. I checked up on it (sort of). Today in my class of 27 college kids (aged 19-20), only 3 had ever even heard of Muzimei. Three! So my “all Chinese people know about her” comment was way off. If the majority of these web-surfing college kids don’t know who she is, then my exaggeration was out of line. Oops, my bad.

Maybe that 27 person sample was somehow ridiculously unrepresentative of Chinese youth, but I really don’t care that much to look into it. Up until today, every Chinese person I mentioned Muzimei to knew who she was (including my Chinese class teacher).

Regardless, China bloggers are going to town over Muzimei. Danwei is grabbing all the stories in Chinese media, the Gweilo is rejecting her, and Brainysmurf is covering it all.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I got to know her on some day like Oct. 20, can’t remember clearly. I saw a post on blogchina saying this blogger is so notorious. But when I read her yiqingshu, I feel besides her sex description, her courage’s pretty admirable. Then I began reading her blog every day. Early in November, newspapers here in Beijing began to report her, and my doomates never heard of her until I told them her story. Then, on 11/11, just after sina and sohu mentioned her, thousands of people searched for “muzimei” and “yiqingshu”. Those days were pretty scary.
    Hailey | Email | Homepage | 11.20.03 – 6:50 am | #

    Courage or talent for self-publicity?

    Roddy | Email | Homepage | 11.20.03 – 9:20 am | #


    Actually, I found Muzimei’s site through your site.

    Do you think many of your classmates in Beijing know who she is?
    John | Homepage | 11.20.03 – 11:06 am | #

    And she is still very ugly…
    Carl | Email | Homepage | 11.20.03 – 9:16 pm | #

    Type MUZIMEI in google images and NO IMAGES come up. What gives? If everyone knows about her, how come there are no images of her? How do we know she isn’t some laowai writing about his/her experiences. And the problem, if she’s so famous, why would anyone sincerely get with her knowing that she’d tell all???
    Wilson | Email | Homepage | 11.20.03 – 9:43 pm | #

    here you can see how muzimei looks like:

    and John,most of my classmates got to know her after reading newspapers and when they wanted to check out yiqingshu, it was too late.
    Hailey | Email | Homepage | 11.21.03 – 2:42 am | #

    Ever since I mentioned’s coverage (including her name) a few days ago on my weblog, the number of daily hits I get has doubled. I noticed the majority of people coming from searches for “mu zi mei” are at IP addresses in Singapore.
    Micah | Email | Homepage | 11.21.03 – 11:47 am | #

    Dude, Muzimei looks like a Anhui toilet bowl scrubber. I don’t want to imagine her having sex with anybody! Now if Michelle Reis were to write a sex blog . . . heheh . . .
    Da Xiangchang | Email | 11.21.03 – 4:52 pm | #

    but she might have a great personality!
    Ben | 11.21.03 – 7:22 pm | #

    Her writings(poems,essays,novels)
    are pretty good and mostly importantly
    jack | 11.21.03 – 8:35 pm | #

    gosh, why can’t I edit my comment?
    jack | 11.21.03 – 8:36 pm | #

    She is indeed THE phenomenon in the Chinese blogging world. I don’t think your exaggeration was way off.

    I know a few bloggers that experienced the Muzimei magic first hand. They usually had several hundred hits per day, but after they posted something about Muzimei, their daily hits skyrocketed to almost 100,000. That’s beyond scary.

    I don’t know why those college kids haven’t heard of her. Maybe they are not bloggers and know nothing blog-related?
    Fwger | 11.21.03 – 10:30 pm | #

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