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I don’t regularly read Hong Kong blogs, so I was in for a surprise recently when I visited Flyingchair and took a good look at his blog links. There are so many new ones! Flyingchair is pretty much the gatekeeper of HK blogs, it would seem. You may want to check out the Hong Kong blogs in the China Blog List to see the new additions.

Also, the HK bloggers had a pretty big face-to-face meeting of bloggers recently. Kinda reminds me of my high school BBS days. We had a few meetups back then (oh man, it was scary!). Anyway, if you’re interested, Ukjoe gives a pretty complete account.

[Side note: Simon provides graphical evidence of the “Muzimei Spike” phenomenon rippling through the blogosphere. The idea is that any blog that writes about Muzimei gets a huge surge in traffic. Hailey reported it almost a month ago, but it seriously intensified a week or so ago. Sinosplice hasn’t felt it.]

John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. I better write something then 🙂

  2. you just keep mentioning her name to try to get hits hey Johnny boy?!

  3. Hey John, Thanks for the plug! 😀

  4. Ben,

    Yeah, I think it’s the fourth time, but apparently it does no good. If I was really desperate I’d write her name in Chinese and the various different pinyin variations.

    But you know, if I attracted visitors looking for blogs about sex in China, they’d be sorely disappointed with my site anyway…

  5. This comment was posted in the wrong comments section…oh well.

    Yours was the first blog I ever discovered, I had just moved to China, and your work (the sinosplice network) and the work of those in the network really made a difference to my experience. In fact your site inspired me to learn basic html and start up my own personal blog. When I got my first few links (PEACE OUT to Hank and ROY and WAYNE and DEZZA!) I was so stoked to be a part of a community that rocked(rocks!). I guess you’ve seen it change alot since you started. Although I’m involved in Living in China (membership), I don’t think I’ll change my habit of daily checking out the blogs in my favourites (IE) or those linked via other blogs I like. I think that although there are those who want to become ‘players’ there can still be that innosence for those who want it. Am I just speaking a whole lot of 废话 now? I dunno. Either way man, thanks for all you’ve done.
    BTW I’m very interested to hear about your shanghai job, as I will most likely be moving there after my present contract and risking my savings in the hope of finding a job(my g/f wants us to live together there, she’s from 宿州 and it would be a pain in the arse to live there as the locals are 土包子). Take care


  6. How bout putting the English in brackets for those stupid of us not to know any chinese?!

    Anyway, John’s a geek, don’t look up to him!

  7. OKay Ben,
    废话: speaking shit
    宿州: SuZhou (a city in AnHui)
    土包子: country bumpkin

    also innocence (spelling error, my spelling is bad and I’m a fucking teacher!)

    and I didn’t say I looked UP to John, but that I was thankfull for his efforts and the fact that the sinosplice network exists. btw Ben are you in Brissy?

  8. I come from Brisvegas and am normally there but not at the moment unfortunately – in Japan.

  9. I suffered 🙂 from an attack similar to Simon’s.

    Hits to website during Muzi Mei mania

  10. Hi…

    I didn’t read much HK blog as well, but last night was the first time I read Flying Chair, and find it so intersting. I read Japanese blog the most actually. About the meeting, I did attend the moblogging conference in Tokyo on July, it was the first time though; teaching the technique and aspects of Mobile Blogging. I think HK bloggers are still not too common into moblog because the mobile technology in HK is still not that common for blogging as Japan and US.

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