Sinosplice Network Weblog Awards

The conclusion of Phil’s Asia Weblog Awards is still a ways off, and I hear even more Asia weblog awards are in the making. I figure it’s time for the Sinosplice Network to steal the award spotlight. Yes, all 23,529 votes have been secretly counted, and unlike Flyingchair’s version, no PHP programming was even needed! Also, you’ll note that unlike Flyingchair’s version, on Sinosplice every category begins with the same word: “most.” Every one. That is our promise to you. So, without further delay, here are the results!

Most Wantonly Hilarious: Sinobling
Most Typographically Nonconformist: Hangzhou Lovin’
Most Diplomatic: Prince Roy’s Realm
Most RSSassy: T-Salon
Most Reflective: Ape Rifle
Most Introspective: Laowai Monologues
Most Taiwanese: A Better Tomorrow
Most Dalian-loving: Welcome to Dalian
Most Not Even in China: Prince Roy’s Realm
Most Economic: China Economy Watch
Most Watchful: China Economy Watch
Most Studious: Nanjingren
Most Sea Horsey: Laowai Monologues
Most Likely to be Featured in a Hong Kong Action Flick: A Better Tomorrow
Most Unaware of the Theme of His Own Blog: Hangzhou Lovin’
Most HSK-Crazy: Sinosplice
Most Ikea-Crazy: Nanjingren
Most Irish Canadian: Ape Rifle
Most Chinese Canadian: Welcome to Dalian
Most Female Canadian: T-Salon
Most Beautiful Color Scheme: Sinobling
Most Deceptive in that He Always Uses a Serious Voice and Makes the Blog all Serious even though in Person He’s Actually Got a Real Live Sense of Humor: Sinosplice

Most Good Overall: 11-way Tie! (Awww… how sweet!)

Outstanding job guys… You guys deserve every single vote you got. Thank you everyone else for voting.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. And Wilson’s Racing Mix got no award at all?

    Bu Ke Neng.

  2. Congratulations, John! Keep up the excellent efforts.

  3. The Sinosplice Racingmix site is not a weblog; it’s a collection of photo albums and links. If it’s not a weblog, it can’t win a weblog award, now, can it?

  4. Yeah, I found that odd Racingmix wasn’t mentioned – but I don’t live in China now (nor during the time the third party awards happened) and I don’t write on China anymore (especially when I’m not there). The Sinosplice mirror is a collection of my Chinese related photography and artwork – a portfolio of sorts. My bread and butter and main weblog is – the original – which is STILL blocked in China. No worries.

  5. Wow, my first web awards…and to think I beat out Wayne for the ‘Most Not Even in China’ award!

  6. How ironic and funny. I don’t have a rss feed and yet I’m most RSSassy. =)

  7. I find it humorous that just because I get more hits then Sinosplice, and that tears you up inside, that you purposely leave my blog off your “awards” list. You also forgot and which are far superior to any other blog I have ever seen. So in conclusion, I got 439 hits yesterday and while most visits probably lasted for under 2 seconds and frantic clicking of the Back button ensued, how many did you get John? Thought so.

  8. Carl,

    Evidently you don’t understand what the Sinosplice Network is. If you did, you would realize how irrelevant your comment is.

    The Sinosplice Network consists of sites hosted on Sinosplice. Strange News from Another Star is not hosted on Sinosplice. is not hosted on Sinosplice. Zero Dispance is not hosted on Sinosplice. Therefore, none of those blogs are elligible for the Sinosplice Network Weblog Awards.

    Get it?

    Man, this post was supposed to be a joke, but it seems not many got it.

  9. John,

    They are just jealous because they didn’t win a prestigious Sinosplice award, as where I won two!! I was honored just to be nominated! Yay for me!! A pox on all you sore losers (Carl).

  10. I’m sure Sinosplice has more than 439 hits per day. Carl has the guts to leave such a/an (insert an adjective here) comment AND his url? Good lord!

  11. I got an award for carl

    Most non-updated blog only read by grandmother, who sits in front of the computer all day clicking refresh.

    What’s up with “most unaware of the theme of his own blog”? I know know my theme, it’s straight player pimp

  12. mayabe they never take look at the Google PR or Alexa at all 😀

  13. Wow. Everybody needs to settle down a bit. It was simply an ongoing joke between John and I which apparently he also missed. Why are Sinosplice readers so over-the-top serious all the time?

  14. Whatever carl, Why you gotta hate?

  15. Okay, fine, now where are your new girl pics? Dammit I won an award. I expect a lil’ gratification.

  16. Hank,

    Sounds like those sea horses are doing the trick!

  17. Heh.

  18. Woohoo! I won the Best Taiwanese blog! Suck on that!

    …all you other people who are not in Taiwan.

  19. “Typographically Nonconformist” is the nicest way of saying “can’t spell worth a shit” I’ve ever seen.

  20. Wow, I’ve never won anything online before. What an honor.

    First, I’d like to thank all those in cyberspace who voted for me (namely, John); the Chinese people for making such an interesting country that’s worth blogging from; and last my Compaq Armada M700 for making the magic happen. Thank you and good night!

    BTWm Will there be an awards dinner? When I walk down the red carpet for the papperazzi I plan on wearing only the most pimp’alicious white Chinese-wedding tuxedo.

  21. Two awards! I’m touched! I guess in blogspeak, “Most reflective” is code for biggest waste of time 🙂

    On a more serious note I have to give John many thanks for allowing me to get my voice out there in the first place. (Damn you, Blogspot, damn you…)

    Sinosplice rocks. We should have an awards gala (cheap beer, slurred acceptance speeches and all) to celebrate.

  22. Of course if there was an award for best foreign blog (ie not hosted in the garden of eden) I would have one it wouldn’t I?

    Actually, I would be interested to know for all the Sinsplice hosted blogs, what sort of traffic the awards (mine) have generated – John you probably have that information in your stats for all of them don’t you?

  23. I got it.. I nearly died laughing.

    And it’s the first time I have been here… proper anyway..

    I personally asked to be removed from the Asian awards as I just want to do my own thing and be like you know. Most Yannish: Glutter

    I just recently procliamed myself the worse blog in HK too. No need to contest. It’s just easier that way coz I just wanna hang with like minded people from all over the world. Even if they aren’t asian, china, asia, Chinese, whatever.

    Just that I like what they write, and I think the best thing about the blog world is every day I can get a dose of New Orleans or Brisdane Australia or Hang Zuo or whereever. Like “Cool. This is what Kate read today in her paper or so and so experienced in her job. Nothing is exotic, nothing is like “HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS WIERD THING.” It’s sorta like, “Yo. This is my life as I live in in whatever wierd and wonderful way I choose.” You know?

    I think we should all just like do our own thing and have lots of different voices and people who like us or don’t like us or whatever will start to find thier niche. I mean the whole big idea theory of the internet was like to group like minded people together IRREGARDLESS of geographical distances. And that’s it was about knowledge.

    When I came across that at campus, it was explained to me as “THis is where everyone can put their knowledge up and will be a giant library, and anyone anywhere can access it. It will change information flow, especially to the third world.”(You know I am old skool. Coz dude when I got on I was on a 14K modem at my univesity and people really talked like that all the time.)

    And I am a sap, and I think we should always keep it that way. And even if I was a dotcom boom chick, I always hated that corporate metality coming into it. Which is why in some ways I was really happy when it crashed. Sorry, we lost our jobs but hell it was getting ugly. And I think blogging is bring it back to where it belongs. PERSONAL stories with spread of information.

    Hold on? How did I get to it? I just wanted to tell you that I got it, after you said “People are taking it too seriously.” And now I am hyper soap box. ooops. That’s what MY blog is for. But you have to give me slack coz, I am obviously vbey drunk which makes me very honest…

    I had a long long long slow boozying christmas dinner.

    I don’t even know how I got here.

    Time for bed.

    Good night.

    Most of you prolly asleep by now half way downthe post.


  24. PS.

    Can I although not on your server and not exactly in motherland china (i.e. HK). Can I still Be an honourary Sinosplice blog? I would like to be part of the Best over all: TWELVE way tie.

    Coz thats how I feel about everyone here. Including Wilson dude..


  25. Me again. Can’t find your trackback function.

    Vision of Internet: Removing Myself From Asian Blog Awards.

  26. ‘ “Typographically Nonconformist” is the nicest way of saying “can’t spell worth a shit” I’ve ever seen.’

    i’m w/ you, john b.!

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