Doom Cometh to Hangzhou

No, I’m not talking about Hangzhou’s recent hydrofluoric acid leak, I’m talking about the arrival of Jamie Doom (of Doom in China fame).

I finally got to meet the guy last night. He was passing through Shanghai on his way to Hangzhou, where he will soon be a teacher at ZUCC. First I’ll say that he was exactly as I expected his to be from his blog, and that’s a compliment. He was friendly, funny, up for a good time, and he looked like he does in his pictures.

I sort of did a repeat night out that I did with Amy, Carl, and Greg a few weeks ago: all you can eat and drink teppanyaki at Da Yu, followed by merriment at Excalibur Rocks. It did the trick.

I was a little disappointed by the initial lack of gusto on the parts of the eaters. When it’s all you can eat and you’re shelling out a pretty penny, I expect people to eat all they can eat. Those fools actually needed reminders! Same goes for the alcohol! It wasn’t long before Jamie was catching up with (and surpassing) me on the drinks, though, and Russell made a valiant effort too. By the time we got to Excalibur Rocks we were all pretty happy.

Highlight of the evening for me was watching Jamie do a solo dance on the floor with two hula hoops. I’m not sure if he even remembers it, but I was dying laughing at the time.

It’s always interesting to meet these bloggers. People choose what parts of themselves to expose in their blogs, but when you actually meet face to face, you get the rest. I think every blogger has tons of good stories he doesn’t want to write about on his public blog.

Anyway, good luck in Hangzhou, Jamie. We’ll meet again….

[Note: it seems that the previous night, some bloggers in Beijing had a little bash of their own.]

John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Fresh home from Jamie’s first night in Hangzhou. Started at a newly refurbished Vibration Wave (were the DJ still sucks) and moved on sans everyone but Greg, myself, and Jamie to Reggae. Just like my first night out. Fun fun fun. He will fit in just fine here. 😉 Funny how you didn’t give much attention to Greg, John B., Alf, Russell, or my arrival you bastard. 🙂 Jamie is great, thanks for bringing him to HZ.

  2. Carl,

    What, this doesn’t count??

    As you may recall, I was pretty busy at that time trying to get over to Japan, too.

    Refurbished Vibration Wave? This I gotta see…

  3. Da Xiangchang Says: February 9, 2004 at 3:46 am

    Your comments about the all-you-can-eat place reminded me of a very funny short story I read by Ha Jin. It was about an American opening up an all-you-can-eat buffet in a Chinese city, and how he had to stop because people were literally eating him out of business. What’s interesting is that you’re saying Chinese at a real-life buffet didn’t act like that. Interesting. Anyways, anyone wanting to read GREAT stories about China should check out Ha Jin’s short-story collections: Under the Red Flag, Ocean of Words, and The Bridgegroom. They’re truly entertaining works. His novels Waiting and In the Pond ain’t too bad either.

  4. John! You must have just secretly made that post and snuck it into your archives. Sneaky sneaky!

  5. Hi John,

    Per your last post about the “Pinyin”, would like to know how I could get related software for Chinese entry in computer. I bought a book in a local book shop called “Pinyin”, is the Roman pronouncation, but they don’t sell software here. My current location is Taiwan, they don’t sell any chinese entry software of Pinyin so if you got any idea that I can get it on internet. I don’t understand the Taiwanese pronouncation and will be easier for me to do typing with Pingyin. (Roman pronouncation)

    It’s the same situation of web editor that I can’t find in here. Because it is related to Roman Chinese entry. Any idea?

  6. John,

    Thanks for the fun times in Shanghai. As far as the hula hoops go…when you are a skillfully trained hula hoop dancer (and I am), you don’t need to drink a lot to dance with them. It’s always a good idea. I think I lost some money at Excalibur Rocks though. Could you ask those nice girls there to give it back?

    Also, I was wondering if you knew of a place in Shanghai where I could buy authentic looking but cheap North Face stuff…

    PS. I love Hangzhou

  7. Glad you got to meet homie Doom. Haikou is a better place now that he’s gone; boring and lifeless! But he’ll be back! His favorite eating joint recently placed his chair on display. The placard reads: “To my friend who never paid one yuan, may you return and give me my money!”

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