I won’t be posting for a little while because I’m going to Hangzhou for the weekend. I had worked 11 days straight (including a nice business trip to Wuxi), so I took off today, giving myself a 3-day weekend. Wilson arrived for a visit Tuesday, so we gotta return to our old stomping grounds. Also, a new club in Hangzhou called Lava is having a big bash tonight (Friday, April 2) organized by my friends in Hangzhou [more info].

I also expect to be devoting a fair amount of time when I come back to the Adopt a Blog project. I’m very pleased that it seems to be taking off. Please, get involved!


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. So much has changed in Hangzhou. The “ZUCC Crew” is also very different. Different is good, too. Shanghai has developed much faster than Hangzhou but Hangzhou’s speedy development makes my home in California look like the stone ages. Everything is just too established and things look and feel too historic and stagnant. The experiences in the past couple of days with John and the expanded foreigners in Hangzhou have been new and exciting. Just glad to know people are holding the fort down. Checking out for now, ciao.

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