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Is it my imagination, or is Sitemeter now blocked in China? That is just downright annoying. If it is now permanently blocked, I need to get it off all my templates, because it’s slowing my page load way down.

In other news, I recently shaved my head again (I do that from time to time) and I’m growing my beard again. So I look something like a convict. I look a lot like I do in this picture from a few years back. I’m too lazy to take a new one.

Brad, Carl, Jamie, and I recently made a trip to the barber shop supply section of town. Apparently that’s the only place to get clippers for shaving one’s head. We also picked up some of that temporary spray-on hair dye. I tried white hair out Thursday. I’m really not sure how the so-called “temporary hair dye” differed from spray paint. It had the little marble in it and everything. That’s what we get for 8rmb ($1) a can.

So I had a spray-painted head for most of Thursday. My hair was stiff like a wire brush. Brad tried it out too, but then aborted because his hair is too short and he realized he was just spray painting his head. As far as I know, Carl and Jamie completely wussed out. They skipped town rather than following through on their promise to be badass crusty spray-painted hair brothers on Friday.

From the Sitemeter site:

SM5 Server Status

Friday, May 7th

Dear Valued Customer:

Today the hard drive of the SM5 Site Meter server, where your account
is located, failed. When we attempted to restart the server, the hard
drive in it would not boot.

We have setup a new server and are currently working to recover the
files from the old server and will have it back up as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience during this process.

We appreciate your business.

Well, crap. I guess that explains it, though. (I should really stop being so quick to suspect a blocking every time a site goes down temporarily…)


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Tim P. Says: May 8, 2004 at 6:14 am

    We’re looking forward to seeing you??? Are you in the wedding? I suppose not.

  2. Sitemeter is apparently functioning for me now.

  3. Greg Pasden Says: May 8, 2004 at 2:25 pm


    If anyone asks you why you have the new “Do”, you can tell them you admire the Budhist hair style.

    If I send you some hair clippers so you can cut your own hair, would that help you financially?

    If this becomes popular, you might be able to charge a fee.

    I’m sure there are billions there that might want to follow suit.

    Take care,
    Your cousin,
    PS – are you sneaking home tomorrow?

  4. Jamie and I dyed are pubes, blue and red respectively. We didn’t wuss out, we just couldn’t wait around all day for you to get up! We had a train to catch.

  5. Carl couldn’t wait around all day for someone to wake up. Ah, the irony.

  6. Greg,

    I did get the clippers. A cordless Wahl, with 4 guards. Cost 90 rmb (about $11).

    I’m not sneaking home this time…

  7. Maybe we’ll meet someday but could you pass along a message to the “Doom Man” – dye the head man! Send me a photo!

  8. jamie doom Says: May 9, 2004 at 12:17 am


    First, you are a Nazi. B, you dyed your hair white. White? You went all the way to the hair dye place, bought the hair dye, then dyed it white. White I said. And in conclusion, My hair is blue now as I speak. Blue not white. Real men (and old ladies) have blue hair.

  9. Da Xiangchang Says: May 9, 2004 at 4:36 am

    Personally, I don’t know why guys would want to dye or bleach their hair. Work out, get better clothes, whatever–but dyeing your hair?! I don’t get it. And Asian guys especially should NEVER dye their hair. With any color other than black, they end up looking so stupid.

    However, being a double-standard sexist fuck, I like it when women dye their hair well. Even Chinese women look alright with the right dyes–I’ve seen Chinese girls with orange and red highlights, and you’d think they’d look like retards, but no, if done right, they look kind of hot. Of course, if done incorrectly, these women end up looking like orange orangutans let loose from the Shanghai zoo.

    However, I HATE HATE the mousy brown that 99% of Chinese broads go through at one time in their lives. It’s soooo hideous. They should make their natural black BLACKER and RICHER, not turn it into fucking rodent brown!

  10. When your hair’s over an inch long you look like an extra on Fraggle Rock. When you shave it you look like the night patrolman at a concentration camp. WHITE!? You picked white hair dye!? The author of the Turner Diaries has offered to publish your book. Fascist.

    (Totally kidding about the last part McVeigh),

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