Get Paid for Reading Chinese News!

I seem to remember some hype a while back about a company that wanted to pay people for surfing the internet. It seems to have faded into obscurity since then. What I never expected is that now a Chinese company seems to be trying something similar! It’s called “NewsBar” (or something). [Note: As China is still happily suckling at Bill Gates’ bosom at least as far as browsers are concerned, this page is not Mozilla friendly.]

It works like this. You download the site’s “newsbar” and install it on your computer. Then you can accrue “news points” by reading Chinese news online (3-4 hours per day, max). At the end of the month, all “news points” are converted to RMB based on that month’s conversion rate (which varies, but has a guaranteed minimum value). The example they gave in the FAQ was someone earning 200 RMB in one month for 4,750,000 “news points.” I have no idea exactly how newspoints are calculated, and the FAQ doesn’t say.

The money can either be electronically deposited into one’s account or a money order can be sent by mail. 30 RMB is the minimum balance to cash out.

I just never would have imagined something like this would be attempted in China at this point. What’s next? Private websites earning real revenue through internet advertising in China??


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Hey John!

    Wow… that’s just bizarre about getting paid to surf the web. (Wish I could get paid for blogging.) I’m usually pretty hesitant to believe that stuff…

    Peace and coffee…

  2. i do not believe this

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