Two HSK Prep Books

Two HSK Prep Books

both by 王小宁, 侯子玮 (新世界出版社, 2002)

Review by: Roddy

Published by the 新世界出版社, one is called HSK 听力关键词 (ISBN 7-80005-696-1) and the other HSK 听力惯用词 (7-80005-695-3)

I found these books really good – there’s a lot of colloquial / idiomatic stuff you just don’t get in a lot of the textbooks around. Opening the book at a random page I find 帮倒忙 (to be more trouble than your worth, more hinderance than help) and 弄 as an informal word for do / make / get – which is something you hear constantly, but I’ve never come across it in a textbook.

If you are in China you should be able to get them easily enough – they’re in most bookshops in Beijing that have Chinese for foreigner sections. I first got them in Harbin, so larger provincial cities should have them. There are tapes, though I don’t think they add a great deal – if you have a handy native speaker, I wouldn’t bother.

If you are not in China, I know one forum member has ordered them from this site and been pleased with them.

Originally published on the Chinese Language and Culture Forums. Used with permission.


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. Thanks for the review. Years ago I took the HSK and did miserably. It’s nice to know that study resources are now available.

    When the domestic publishers stop putting language lessons on cassette and find a newer medium? Chinesepod has figured it out, leapfrogging beyond the audio CD.

  2. It’s really funny to take part in the hsk test.I found it was unimaginably
    hard. I couldn’t expect a non-native speakers can get through it, especially for the high-level test. I dare say it ,because I’m a chinese.I’m a university student in one of the top universities in china. Even I myself
    could hardly pass it.It was realy a shame.but I have to addmit that most of students in china will get low points in the test if they were required to take this test.

  3. I am interested in the above books, but the link to the store for those outside of China is dead.
    Does anyone know the new URL?

    • You can get these from
      I ordered both, one took a week, the other 5 weeks (which they warned me about when I contacted them before I ordered).
      They’re bothe very useful books, which I’d also recommend.

      • I don’t find these books in Either through the ISBN search nor the name of the book. Any other website where I can get these books from? Many thanks in advance.

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