Re-enabling the comments…

I just found out a little while ago that my blog’s comment script is not working. (From my little sister, of all people!) I had no idea it wasn’t working. I’ve been too busy with work these past few days to notice that kind of thing, although I did notice the comments had died down quite a bit.

It looks like maybe my host disabled the script (Roddy says they tend to do that, without warning).

I e-mailed them and they had it working again within 10 minutes. Not bad service, that.

The question is… why did the script stop working? If my host disabled it, why? If it was because of excessive load, what caused it? Does this have anything to do with the angry comments I got with regards to my very old post about the evils of an old version of Messenger Plus?? (I deleted their stupid comments and closed the comments to that post — I’m not really interested in their comments, considering they were all supporters of the new Messenger Plus, while my post was about the version I installed in 2003.) Bizarre.

[Update: Yes, my host disabled it, and yes, it was because of excessive load. They wouldn’t give me details, but they suspect spammers. The thing is, I only got 4 spam comments in the period right before the script was disabled. Does that mean MT Blacklist was doing its job, but there was still a tremendous strain on the server?]


John Pasden

John is a Shanghai-based linguist and entrepreneur, founder of AllSet Learning.


  1. ” (Roddy says they tend to do that, without warning).”
    Hmmm, were you meddling with things you don’t understand? That’s what’s always caused it with me . . .

  2. Roddy,

    No, not at all (this time).

  3. while we are on a geek topic, maybe one of you can tell me how to fix chuyubusi so it doesn’t automatically email me every time a spammer leaves a comment/trackback on one of my posts at that site.

  4. Why is it so unbelievable that your little sister noticed the problem?!

  5. Normally when a host disables a script it’s because the script is eating up too many resources on a shared host. My guess is that you were getting hammered by spam comments at some point (mt-comments.cgi is pretty resource-intensive when it’s being spawned for each comment request and there are many simultaenous requests) and they shut it down.

  6. Is this the same guy that complained because his family didn’t seem to be reading his blog? Then his sister alerts him to a problem and . . .

    Maybe you just have a family of “lurkers”.

  7. Prince Roy,

    Send your complaints Roddy’s way….

  8. I had the distinct impression that Grace read my blog maybe once a month or so. This impression was formed because every time I talked to her on the phone it would become clear that she wasn’t aware of what I had written about in the past month. I’m not trying to criticise her or whine; it’s just an observation I made. Maybe that’s an outdatd version of her viewing habits, however.

    In any case, I am delighted that my little sister is reading more often; I should try to write more entires like the Dezhou 2 entry to connect more with the people I care about most.

  9. Victor Says: May 6, 2005 at 7:40 pm

    I read your old blog “Unicode with Blogger” and tried to post a question but I ended up with some errors? Is that the same problem mentioned in this blog?
    My question was “My Unicode htm displayed correctly in IE and Firefox (Vietnamses, Japanese, Chinese, German, Greek), but when I put it in Blogger following your hints, the Vietnam text is not displayed correctly, other language are OK. Any comments?”. Here my blog

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